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Month: October 2020

‘No one bothered’: Afghan mother waits for son held in Guantanamo

AFP/al-Jazeera, 19 October 2020 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted in this article looking at one of the last Afghan detainees in Guantánamo (via AFP): Kate Clark, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a leading research group on the country, said Haroon was no significant terrorist figure. The allegations against Haroon, initially kept secret until revealed […]

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Konfliktporträt Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

bpb, 29 September 2020 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig has been writing a ‘conflict portrait’ of Afghanistan for the website of the German Federal Centre for Political Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, bpb) for several years now. the bpb is a major source for teachers and school students. Here is the latest version, update in September 2020 […]

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A view of Andar district town, where the Taleban have allowed telephone companies to operate 24 hours, which was not possible before the signing of S.U-Taleban peace agreement. The Taleban closed the district town several times, but since 2019, the businesses had returned to normal.

Living with the Taleban (1): Local experiences in Andar district, Ghazni province

Sahil Afghan

Today, we publish the first of three studies exploring how the Taleban rule, and the impact of that rule on residents. Given that the talks in Doha may presage an Afghan state with key positions held by the Taleban or that, at the very least, the pattern of the Taleban controlling particular localities will continue, understanding […]

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The Intra-Afghan Peace Talks: Warring parties negotiate, victims of war are excluded

Ehsan Qaane

A clear divide has emerged in the Afghan government on the role of war victims in the peace process. In a surprising move, President Ashraf Ghani recently suggested that Afghanistan should follow the Spanish model – better known as the ‘pact of forgetting’. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Peace and members of the Afghan negotiating team […]

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National Victim-Centred Network’s resolution on war victims’ rights

Presented on 14 September 2020, as a result of the Conference of War Victims’ families and relatives on the start of Intra-Afghan Peace Talks “The entire peace process must be victim-centered, just and aimed at healing the wounds of victims of war and avoiding future recurrence of violence and crime.” Resolution Conference of War Victims’ families and relatives on the start of Intra-Afghan […]

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Covid-19 in Afghanistan (8): The political economy repercussions of Covid-19 and the aid response

Bill Byrd

In addition to its disastrous public health effects on Afghanistan, the Covid-19 pandemic is harming the country’s economy and has pushed more people into poverty. Covid is also creating a sizable hole in the national budget, diverting precious aid resources away from development and any possible ‘peace dividend’ and complicating rather than simplifying current political […]

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Tens Of Thousands Flee Latest Taliban Offensive, And Afghan Civilian Casualties Rise

NPR, 13 October 2020 AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili is quoted in this news item on the Taleban attack near Lashkargah on US National Public Radio (also in audio format), saying Such an attack will impact the peace process because there is already growing anger at the intensification of violence in many provinces.

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Taleban Opportunism and ANSF Frustration: How the Afghan conflict has changed since the Doha agreement

Andrew Quilty

Those ‘living the war’ in Afghanistan, both civilians and combatants, have had markedly different experiences in the last seven months depending on where they are in the country. Those in Taleban-controlled areas have seen unexpected peace since the United States and Taleban signed their agreement in Doha after the US largely halted air attacks and […]

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Los talibanes aplauden la sugerencia de Trump de retirar todas sus tropas de Afganistán para Navidad

El País, 8 October 2020 AAN co-director Thomas Ruttig is quoted here (in Spanish translation) about Trump’s latest, confusing (or confused) tweet saying all US soldiers “should” be out by Christmas, saying that although it is unlikely that this becomes policy, “a unilateral decision” by the US president can’t be ruled out and that such […]

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Disappointment over Karbala: A pilgrimage off-limits in 2020… and memories of 2019

Rohullah Sorush

In normal times, millions of people, including tens of thousands of Afghans, would be gathering in Karbala in Iraq today for the Arba’in pilgrimage. It marks the 40th day of mourning after the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Imam Hussain and his 72 companions in Karbala more than 1300 years ago. This year, […]

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Afghanistan Donor Conference 2020: Pitfalls and Possibilities

USIP, 7 October 2020 Bill Byrd’s look ahead at the next (of the almost annual) donor conferences, this time in Geneva, hosted by the UN, as no single donor volunteered to host it. One of the author’s conclusions: … the outcome of the donors meeting … is uncertain: It could effectively promote development and peace […]

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Disbanding the ALP: A dangerous final chapter for a force with a chequered history

Kate Clark

Funding for the Afghan Local Police (ALP), the largest and longest-lasting Afghan local defence force, ended on 30 September. Despite knowing this was going to happen for more than a year, it was only in early summer that the government decided what to do with the tens of thousands of ALP who are present in […]

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