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The 17 May 2020 Political (power-sharing) Agreement between Dr Ghani and Dr Abdullah (Dari and English)

The signed copy of the agreement was posted on Dr Abdullah’s Facebook page on 18 May 2020. AAN’s working translation of the political agreement between Ghani and Abdullah In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Political Agreement In order to meet the expectation of the people of Afghanistan, support defence and security forces, […]

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Jamiat-e Islami Peace Plan

Jamiat-e Islami-ye Afghanistan: “A Comprehensive Peace Plan for Afghanistan: A Practical Concept Note for Sustainable Peace, prepared by General Ata Mohammad Noor, General Chief of Executive Council of Jamiat-e-Islami” dated: Mazar-e Sharif, 2020

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Hezb-e Islami Peace Proposal

Hezbi Islami Peace Proposal (not dated) بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Introduction: This proposal details the procedure and mechanism aimed at the creation of an authoritative and agreed-upon body for peace and broad political consensus one that includes all circles i.e. government, political entities within and outside the government, prominent and influential personalities, administer the peace […]

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Plan of the National Council for Peace (Dari)

Mehwar-e Solh wa Nejat-e Afghanistan az Bohran (Axis for Peace and Salvation of Afghanistan from Crisis): “Tarh-e Shura-ye Melli-ye Solh (Plan of the National Council for Peace)” طرح شورای ملی صلح  بخش اول مقدمه اهداف اعتماد سازی و مراحل آن موارد اعتماد سازی داخلی موارد اعتماد سازی خارجی مکانیزم های عملی برای دست یابی به توافقات دارالانشاء […]

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Heart of Asia Society: “Draft Framework for Intra-Afghan Peace Negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taleban Movement”

Draft Framework for Intra-Afghan Negotiations by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Jadi 1398 [Dec 2019/Jan 2020] Kabul – Afghanistan Table of Content  Introduction ( page 3) Section One: Basis of intra-Afghan negotiations (Page 4) Viewpoints and overall objective  Principles and values Need for national consensus (4) Section Two: Structures necessary for legitimacy and advancement of Intra-Afghan […]

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Position of Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan (Afghanistan People’s Axis) regarding Peace Negotiations (Dari)

Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan (Afghanistan People’s Axis) : “Position of Mehwar-e Mardom Afghanistan regarding Peace Negotiations محور مردم افغانستان ریاست دارالانشاء موضع محور مردم افغانستان در باره مذاکرات صلح کابل، ۳۰ سرطان ۱۳۹۸ مدخل افغانستان در آستانه یک چرخش بسیار مهم تاریخی قرار دارد. گفت‌وگو های ایالات‌متحده امریکا با طالبان در حال نهایی شدن است. همه نشانه‌ها دال بر این است که […]

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Briefing With Senior US Official On Next Steps Toward an Agreement on Bringing Peace to Afghanistan

Briefing With Senior Administration Official On Next Steps Toward an Agreement on Bringing Peace to Afghanistan SPECIAL BRIEFING OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON WASHINGTON, D.C. FEBRUARY 29, 2020 Original link: MODERATOR:  Do you have anything that you want to start off with before they go back on questions? SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  No, I’m here to – we’re here […]

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