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Month: August 2016

Islamic State under pressure in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Nikkei Asian Review, 31 August 2016 Ryskeldi Satke looks at the Afghan-Pakistani IS offshoot, which calls itself the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, for the Japanese outlet and quotes from AAN and AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: Afghanistan Analysts Network, a Kabul-based think tank that monitors political developments in the country, says ISKP has made “many enemies” […]

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[…] The discord between the country’s two top leaders…


The Diplomat, 26 August 2016 Some strong statements from an Afghan point of view (and by an advisor to an Afghan ministry), not only into Dr Abdullah’s problems – but those of President Ghani and of Afghanistan as such under the NUG: “paralyzing rivalries waged by different groups, elite pacts, and ethnic movements”; “ethno-cultural differences and political […]

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Taleban at the Kunduz junction (2015). Their temporary takeover of the city last year was a defining moment for current developments in Afghanistan's northeast. Photo: Pajhwok

Thematic Dossier XI: Insurgency and governance in Afghanistan’s northeast

AAN Team

Since AAN published its last collection of reports and dispatches about the insurgency in the Afghan northeast, ‘The evolution of insecurity in Kunduz’, in May 2015, there have been tumultuous events, security-wise, in that region. In terms of governance, however, matters are still as dire as they were. Indeed, it can be seen how insecurity […]

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An Afghan Feud Reignites, Putting Police Families at Odds


New York Times, 27 August 2016 A rare report on non-insurgency and family feud-realted violnce, pitching high-ranking policemen supporting different sides in the NUG against each other – in a case where Afghan officials and media prefer even not to name names.

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AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at the Afghanistan Week 2016 – Oslo, Norway


The Afghanistan Week 2016 is a cooperation between the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee, the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). With the aim to bring Afghanistan to the top of the Norwegian agenda, bringing Afghan and international experts to Norway to inform and debate. When: 20th to 25th September, 2016. Where: Oslo, […]

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Top Picks: Norway faces up to a harsh reality in Afghanistan


IRIN, 26 August 2016 The Geneva-based (and formerly UN-linked) news agency has put Ann Wilkens’ AAN dispatch about Norway’s evaluation of its Afghanistan mission among this week’s top pick: The international community’s mission in Afghanistan has brought decidedly mixed results. A decade and a half after the Taliban regime was driven from power, a brutal […]

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Erfolg der Taliban in Afghanistan: Schleichende Einkreisung der Städte

Thomas Ruttig

Tageszeitung, 23 August 2016 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in the Berlin daily: Taleban attacks in eight provinces and takeover of more district centres shows that they – not the government forces – still have the initiative. Afghan soldiers complain about lack of supplies and coordination.

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To Say It Like It Is: Norway’s evaluation of its part in the international intervention

Ann Wilkens

Norway has published the first comprehensive evaluation of one country’s contribution to the international intervention in Afghanistan. The evaluation was conducted by a government-appointed commission led by Bjørn Tore Godal, a former foreign and defence minister. However, most commissioners were independent researchers. The ‘Godal report’, as it has become known, is a candid and sharp […]

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Taliban launches overnight and pre-dawn assaults on 2 districts in Afghanistan, captures one of them

Martine van Bijlert, 22 August 2016 New article quotes AAN’s most recent dispatch on Kunduz when it adds that: “Kunduz is currently the most vulnerable province in the Afghan North. Since the provincial capital fell last year, Kunduz has seen more attacks on district centres than any other province in the country,” according to Kabul-based independent Afghanistan Analysts Network.

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Kämpfe um Kundus: Eine Stadt in Angst


ARD, 22 August 2016 The prime time news of Germany’s leading TV channel ARD quotes AAN on Kunduz (in German): Im Juli waren bereits zwei weitere Distrikt-Hauptorte gefallen. In diesen Orten brach die öffentliche Verwaltung zusammen, die Beamten zogen sich zwischenzeitlich in ein Ausbildungszentrum für Lehrer sowie in ein nahe gelegenes Dorf zurück. Ein weiterer […]

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Armee erobert Bezirk in Kundus zurück


dpa/sda, 22 August 2016 The dpa material on the latest Kunduz fighting, briefly quoting from a recent AAN analysis of the situation in the province by Lola Cecchinel (here in German), has been used by several newspapers, TV channels and websites in Germany (incl Handelsblatt, Bild, N24, Greenpeace-Magazin) and Switzerland (incl Tagesanzeiger, Der Bund, 20 […]

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Cover of detainee assessment report on Mohammad Kamin

Mohammad Kamin (ISN 1045) 13 years in detention

Kate Clark

Mohammad Kamin (ISN 1045): Date of birth: 1978 Place of birth: Plasai Inzarkai village, Khost Detained 14 May 2003 (by unknown forces); transferred to Guantanamo 21 November 2003 Transferred to UAE 16 August 2016 Guantanamo Documents: Quotes from Gunatnamo documents (Assessment, Combatant Status Review Tribunal and Administrative Review Boards) can be read here. Capture Kamin, a […]

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