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The Diplomat, 26 August 2016

Some strong statements from an Afghan point of view (and by an advisor to an Afghan ministry), not only into Dr Abdullah’s problems – but those of President Ghani and of Afghanistan as such under the NUG: “paralyzing rivalries waged by different groups, elite pacts, and ethnic movements”; “ethno-cultural differences and political grievances being manipulated, exaggerated, and intensified during political contests”; “Ghani’s political habit of marginalizing others and appointing his allies to key strategic offices [while] in contrast, Abdullah has shown himself to be an ineffective statesman [with] most of the duties that he would have been expected [to] perform […] being delegated to the president’s national security adviser” and having “failed to come up with significant plans or programs” – the NUG being “truly an ‘amalgam of incompatibilities and complexions’ with little commitment or capability to address key security, economic and political frustrations”.