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Top Picks: Norway faces up to a harsh reality in Afghanistan

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IRIN, 26 August 2016

The Geneva-based (and formerly UN-linked) news agency has put Ann Wilkens’ AAN dispatch about Norway’s evaluation of its Afghanistan mission among this week’s top pick:

The international community’s mission in Afghanistan has brought decidedly mixed results. A decade and a half after the Taliban regime was driven from power, a brutal insurgency still rages, the economy is in a shambles, corruption is endemic, and most Afghans still live in poverty, many desperately so. Those realities are tough to face, especially considering the billions of dollars in aid money that’s been pumped into the country (an estimated $113 billion by the US alone), and many nations that have been deeply involved in reconstruction efforts have shied away. Not Norway. The Norwegian government commissioned an independent evaluation of its role in Afghanistan – the first country to do so – and the report is refreshingly candid, according to this analysis by the Afghanistan Analysts Network. Norway had three goals in Afghanistan: to prove its mettle as a US and NATO ally, to prevent Afghanistan from being a centre for international terrorism, and to help build a viable state. The evaluation finds that Norway achieved the first goal. The other two? Not so much.