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Month: November 2020

Afghanistan Pinned Hopes For Change On Biden, But U.S. Likely To Stay Course Set By Trump

RFE/RL, 14 November 2020 AAN’s Ali Yawar Adeli is quoted in this news item as saying, about demands from within the Afghan government process at US president-elect Joe Biden’s address to ‘review’ the peace process with the Taleban: “There has been no articulation on the part of the government as to how it wants the […]

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The Biden Presidency: What choices for Afghan policy remain?

Kate Clark

As of 20 January, the United States should have a new president, as Joe Biden takes over from Donald Trump. Decisions taken in Washington have, for the last 20 years, been fundamental to what happens in Afghanistan, and that is especially the case now. Biden takes power in the wake of President Trump’s decision to […]

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کابل؛ امسال سمی‌ترین زمستان را پیش‌ رو خواهد داشت (Kabul this year will have the most toxic winter ahead)

Sobh-e Kabul, (31 Oct 2020) A warning about the unchecked burning of coal in Kabul (which uses 80% of the country’s coal production – much of it unearthed illegally), particularly by controversial new high-rise buildings and about a politically restricted National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan without “effective long-term and short-term plans to reduce air […]

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Trotz Friedensgesprächen in Doha: Die Gewalt in Afghanistan eskaliert

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 3 November 2020 Kate Clark’s analysis for AAN of recent trends of violence in Afghanistan is quoted in this article in the leading Swiss daily, NZZ: Das Afghan [sic] Analysts Network schreibt in seinem jüngsten Bericht, dass das Abkommen mit den USA und die intraafghanischen Friedensgespräche vor allem den Taliban genützt hätten. Die Zugeständnisse […]

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AAN Obituary: Mahbuba Hoquqmal, ‘friend of the law’ (1944-2020)

Thomas Ruttig

Mahbuba Hoquqmal was one of the most important legal scholars in Afghanistan. As a participant in two loya jirgas and with her working life dedicated to teaching and legal reform, she shaped the country’s constitutional history. She particularly focussed on the improvement of the legal situation of Afghan women. On 30 October 2020, she died […]

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Afganistán, la guerra más letal del mundo

La Cronica Coruna, 2 November 2020 The Spanish news website quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, on a report that showed that Afghanistan was “the most lethal country in the world”: “El acuerdo entre EE UU y los talibanes aún no será un acuerdo de paz, aunque la disposición, o no, de los talibanes para otro alto […]

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