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Month: November 2020

Janus-Faced Pledges: A review of the 2020 Geneva donor conference on Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference in Geneva (which took place virtually) has produced pledges of 12 to 13 billion US dollars for the period 2021-24. The result represents a drop of up to 20 per cent compared to the 15.2 billion pledged four years ago in Brussels for 2017-20 and significantly below UNDP projections for the […]

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Towards the Intra-Afghan Negotiations: Views on possible break point issues, possible outcomes and the strategic environment

AUAF Institute of War and Peace Studies, Nov. 2020 Interesting discussion paper by Afghan scholar Muska Dastageer.  

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Neuausrichtung? Die Außenpolitik einer Regierung Biden, die NATO und Afghanistan

Deutschlandfunk, 25 November 2020 Listen to an audio of a 45 min discussion between about Biden’s future foreign policy, with a strong emphasis on Afghanistan (in German). Participants: Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, German Marshall Fund, Jana Puglierin, European Council on Foreign Relations, Thomas Ruttig, Afghanistan Analysts Network, Johannes Varwick, University Halle-Wittenberg.

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“Helmand is my soul, my mother. I never want to leave”: Obituary for murdered journalist, Muhammad Aliyas Dayee, 1988-2020

Andrew Quilty

One of Afghanistan’s most respected journalists, Muhammad Aliyas Dayee, was killed in a targeted attack on 12 November in the Helmand capital, Lashkargah. Greatly admired and loved by colleagues and listeners to his radio reports alike, Dayee’s murder has raised questions about whether the profession is a viable one as the incidence of targeted killings […]

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Pledging in Geneva: How much aid, and for what?

ODI Policy Note, November 2020 The authors try to (and do) answer key questions such as: How much aid does Afghanistan need? What directions should sound aid policy take? What should a partnership agreement for Afghanistan look like? How can donor assistance best be provided? How corruption – and one-sided Western accusations – can be […]

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COVID-19 Socio-Economic Impact Assessment: Fiscal Options in Response to Coronavirus Crisis

UNDP Country Note, 11 November 2020 The UNDP model simulations in this paper aim to quantify the fiscal space needed to cover economic losses caused by the pandemic with roughly unchanged policies, except for responses specific to the health crisis. The result is that Afghanistan would need approximately 30% more in grants from the international […]

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In Afghanistan, fears of assassination overshadow hopes of peace

The Guardian, 21 November 2020 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here on the wave of targeted killings in Afghanistan: “It feels quite random, in terms of who gets killed, but not random in terms of the types of people who get killed. They are targeting what I’d call public intellectuals, researchers, activists, journalists, people working […]

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Truppenabzug aus Afghanistan: Die [Taleban-]Parallelregierung

Tageszeitung, 21/22 November 2020 Op-ed article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about how the Taleban’s parallel administrations in Afghanistan functions, based on AAN research from the series “One Land, Two Rules” and “Living under the Taleban” (in German).

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Truppenabzug aus Afghanistan: Nur noch 2.500 US-Soldaten

Tageszeitung, 18 November 2020 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about Trump’s announcement about a swifter troop reduction in Afghanistan, what it means and the Taleban-related issues (links with al-Qaeda and violence levels) that put the US-Taleban agreement in question (in German).

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“Abzug spielt in die Hände der Taliban”

ARD-Tagesschau, 17 November 2020 Interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, published on the leading German public TV channel’s website, on Trump’s decision to further reduce US troop numbers in Afghanistan (in German): “This plays into the Taleban’s hands.”

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Trump will raschen Afghanistan-Abzug

AFP/Wiener Zeitung, 17 November 2020 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this AFP Germany news item as saying, regarding the logistic challenges related to the hastened US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan (in German): Klar sei, dass die “nichtamerikanischen Truppen ohne die US-Soldaten nicht in Afghanistan bleiben könnten”, sagte der Afghanistan-Experte Thomas Ruttig der Nachrichtenagentur AFP. […]

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Girls actually in the classroom. Getting Afghan children, especially girls, to school, has been considered a major success story for post-Taleban Afghanistan, but how many children appearing in the statistics are ‘ghosts'? (Photo: Christine-Felice Roehrs)

Less Money, More Conditionality? Stalled peace, Covid-19 and corruption foretell a sombre Afghanistan donor conference

Christine Roehrs AAN Team Ali Yawar Adili

On 23 and 24 November, the 2020 donor conference for Afghanistan takes place, which for the country matters more than ever. Rumours abound about cuts to foreign assistance, at a time when Afghanistan faces a stalled peace process and intensifying poverty and violence. Donors are concerned about the shape of the future state and corruption, with the pressure […]

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