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Darb-e Khosh (Happy Gate), a historical gate to Herat city, being rebuilt as part of the young mayor's campaign for urban development. Photo: Said Reza Kazemi

The Battle between Law and Force: Scattered political power and deteriorating security test Herat’s dynamism

S Reza Kazemi

Herat – the affluent and vibrant city in western Afghanistan – is going through a ‘scattering’ of political power and a deterioration in security. While Ismail Khan, the self-styled ‘amir of the west’, is still the preeminent figure, political power is no longer concentrated only in his hands, and the new actors are behaving differently […]

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President signs a document flanked by a number of officials.

Thematic Dossier XIII: Still (not) dealing with the Kabul Bank scandal

AAN Team

One of the very first acts of the National Unity Government was to reopen the case of the massive Kabul Bank scandal. President Ghani later referred to this portfolio as one of his government’s “signaling priorities,” implying that progress on this issue would be indicative of the seriousness with which his government tackled corruption. Now, […]

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Sign of the Olympic rings at the sports ground near the Kabul National Stadium (Photo Source: Tolonews August 2016)

Two Sides of the Medal: Afghanistan at Olympia in Rio – and infighting at home

Thomas Ruttig

Afghanistan’s Olympics team has marched, along with those of 206 countries and territories and an additional refuges team, into the Maracana Stadium for the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (5-21 August 2016). Sprinter Kamia Yusufi carried the Afghan flag, but, in reality, this was the smallest Afghan team since the country […]

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Caption: Convicted Kabul Bank shareholder Khalil Ferozi is treated as a guest of honor during the 4 November 2014 stone-laying ceremony for Kabul's Smart City, where he signs an MoU with the ministry of urban development. Source: ministry of urban development.

The Afghan Government and th­e ‘Smart City’ Debacle: Who out-smarted whom?

Martine van Bijlert

The Afghan government, much to its chagrin, has found itself embroiled in a controversy that has direct links to the 2010 Kabul Bank scandal. On 4 November 2015, a small group of high-level government officials presided over the stone-laying ceremony of a new and ambitious township called Smart City. What was meant as a good […]

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Battleground Kankur: Afghan students’ difficult way into higher education

Obaid Ali

For some hundred thousand Afghan high school graduates, the university entry tests, known as kankur, have started. The first to sit the exam, from December onwards, were students in more-remote provinces, for example Badghis, Bamyan, Daikundi, Nuristan, Wardak, Logar and Sar-e Pul. Pictures of rows of students sitting on city squares  or mosques taking the […]

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Going in Circles: The never-ending story of Afghanistan’s unfinished Ring Road

Qayoom Suroush

Since the presidential campaign and during trips abroad President Ashraf Ghani has been promising to turn Afghanistan into an “Asian roundabout” for regional trade and transit. However, for this, Afghanistan would need to improve its transport systems and build new and better roads. That is probably why, in his first cabinet meeting, on 2 October […]

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Illegal, non-professional excavation of a mine in Chilan valley underway


Pajhwok News Agency, 24 April 2014 Another story about the mining hazard, will all ingredients: weak government and insurgents’ influence.

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Cheating and Worse: The university entry (kankur) exams as a bottleneck for higher education

Obaid Ali

Getting into university via the so called kankur exam is one of the highest hurdles for Afghanistan’s young generation wanting to obtain higher education. Each year, there are allegations of corruption, fraud and flawed management of the exams while the number of high school graduates sitting them increases. AAN’s Obaid Ali (with input by Christine […]

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“Opium anzubauen bringt den afghanischen Bauern am meisten”

Thomas Ruttig

SRF4 (Swiss radio), 14 Noveember 2013 Listen to the audio of an interview AAN’s Thomas Ruttig gave to Swiss radio about the latest UNODC report regarding poppy cultivation.

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Blühende Landschaften: Vor dem Abzug der internationalen Truppen floriert in Afghanistan der Mohn-Anbau

Thomas Ruttig

Die Welt, 14 Novemeber 2014 The German daily reports about the latest UNODC poppy report on Afghanistan and extensively quotes AAN’s Doris Buddenberg and Thomas Ruttig: “As a result of the upcoming troop withdrawal, the pressure to act against poppy cultivation has dropped significantly”, says Thomas Ruttig, Co-Direktor of the Thinktank Afghan [sic] Analysts Network. The government’s […]

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Rekord bei Opiumanbau in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Deutsche Welle, 13 November 2013 The German international radio reports that the latest UNODC report found that the acreage used for poppy growing has never been as large as this year. AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted extensively about the histroy of poopy cultivation and the contradictions in the West’s anti-narcotics policy: “The opium boom is a […]

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Mali, Afghanistan – Conflicts Worlds Apart? Parallels and Lessons to be Learnt

Thomas Ruttig

When jihadist groups took over the northern half of Mali last year and French troops intervened in January this year, a discussion ensued in the media and among analysts about whether Mali was, or would become, a ‘second’ or ‘African’ Afghanistan. Most found a comparison ludicrous. With Mali’s presidential election coming up on today, 28 […]

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