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Month: May 2022

Los talibanes juegan con la confusión por anular a las mujeres en Afganistán

Diari ARA, 23 May 2022 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this article by long-time Spanish Afghanistan correspondent Mònica Bernabé (in Spanish and Catalan): “No está claro en qué sectores las mujeres pueden trabajar y en cuáles no”, destaca Thomas Ruttig, cofundador del think tank Afghanistan Analysts Network y posiblemente una de las personas que mejor conoce […]

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Food Aid in a Collapsed Economy: Relief, tensions and allegations

Martine van Bijlert AAN Team

A major focus of the international humanitarian response to Afghanistan’s economic collapse has been a ramped-up distribution of food aid, as large parts of the population no longer have the income to buy enough food for their families. In this fourth instalment of our economic research based on interviews conducted across Afghanistan, we look at […]

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Kein weibliches Gesicht mehr im TV

Tageszeitung, 23 May 2022 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig after the Taleban decision that also women on TV have to cover their face and their closure of several new governmental and semi-governmental institutions established after 2001, such as th human rights commission and the National Security Council (in German).

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The Taliban government has proved surprisingly good at raising money

The Economist, 20 May 2022 One reason for their success is that they have plenty of experience collecting taxes. During their two decades as a rebel army, they collected traditional tithes, such as oshr, a share of farmers’ harvests, and zakat, religious alms, in areas under their control. (…) Second, the Taliban have kept official revenues flowing. A […]

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Green Energy Complicates the Taliban’s New Battle Against Opium

New York Times, 29 May 2022 A quote from recent AAN research: “The cultivation of opium and export of opiates is hugely important for the Afghan economy as a whole, and any implementation of the ban will have wide-ranging consequences,” the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent research group, wrote in a report last month.

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Construction site in Kucuksu, seen from Yenimahalle, Instanbul. Photo: Fabrizio Foschini

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: No good options for Afghans travelling to and from Turkey

Fabrizio Foschini

The economic crisis and the country’s hardening stance towards irregular migrants are making Turkey a less hospitable destination for Afghans fleeing persecution or searching for livelihood opportunities abroad. In the first part of this report, Fabrizio Foschini looked at trends in Afghan migration to and through Turkey and how migrants have faced increased bureaucratic obstacles […]

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Refugees or Ghosts? Afghans in Turkey face growing uncertainty  

Fabrizio Foschini

The number of Afghans in Turkey has been steadily growing, with those already settled or in transit to Europe joined by thousands more fleeing Afghanistan following the Taleban takeover in August 2021. Turkey already had the world’s largest refugee population, and the new arrivals, coming in the midst an unprecedented economic crisis, has only heated […]

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Taliban orders Afghan women to cover their faces in public

al-Jazeera, 7 May 2022 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here as saying on the Taleban’s ‘burqa edict’: “Many months into their reign of power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have imposed one of the most iconic aspect of their rule from the 1990s, which is forcing women to cover their faces in public, and it’s clearly […]

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Taliban swap guns for pens to learn about human rights

The Guardian, 3 May 2022 A pretty unexpected reportage from Kandahar where the human rights NGO Geneva Call holds international humanitarian law courses for young Taleban. One says he has learned there to respect the dignity of prisoners which, he said, he was not aware that this should be done – after 8 years in […]

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Worst Fears Of Iranian Dissidents In Afghanistan Realized After Arrests, Killing

RFE, 20 May 2022 An overlooked aspect of the Taleban takeover of power: danger for non-Afghan political refugees to become victims of the regime change.

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Eid Mubarak from AAN to All Our Readers

AAN Team

The AAN team would like to wish a happy and peaceful Eid ul-Fitr to friends and readers, to all Muslims around the world and particularly the people of Afghanistan. We wish this, even knowing that the recent bloody attacks in Kabul, Kunduz, Mazar-e Sharif, Khost and elsewhere means this Eid is falling at a time of grief […]

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