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Taliban orders Afghan women to cover their faces in public

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al-Jazeera, 7 May 2022

AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted here as saying on the Taleban’s ‘burqa edict’:

“Many months into their reign of power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have imposed one of the most iconic aspect of their rule from the 1990s, which is forcing women to cover their faces in public, and it’s clearly aimed at controlling women who have been the most troublesome section of the population,” said Kate Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

“If we see any of the demonstrations that have taken place since August when the Taliban took over, it’s been women and girls at the forefront, and this is intended to ensure that women have no public face. The Taliban believe that the woman’s place is in the home. She should not come out without a close male relative, and if she does come out, she should cover her face,” she told Al Jazeera.