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Month: March 2013

AAN in the Media – March 2013

AAN Team

Afghanische Sicherheitskräfte: Alleingelassen Tagesspiegel (Berlin), 27 March 2013 Reporting the latest growing casualty figures of the ANSF, the Berlin-based daily quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig saying it is not sufficient to explain these figures by the growing ANSF role folliwing transition. The ANSF ‘obviously are not sufficiently trained’ and ‘adequately equipped yet’. This is confirmed by […]

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Recommended Reading – March 2013


Afghans Failing Security Test In Badakhshan RFE/RL, 28 March 2013 After NATO handed over security duties in Badakhshan to the ANA and ANP last year, ‘a spike in violence and increased militant activity’ has been registered. The two Afghan authors write that ‘the region is an ideal testing ground of Afghanistan’s ability to secure remote […]

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Inspiration in Kabul: Nancy Dupree and the Opening of the Afghanistan Centre

Kate Clark

The Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) has been officially opened. A beautiful, airy building with a central green courtyard, it has space for both researchers and the Centre’s collection of 80,000 (and increasing) documents collected over the last three decades. The driving force behind the project is Nancy Hatch Dupree who said that ‘for […]

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The ‘Bagram Duck’: Migrant bird killed north of Kabul and offered as game

Kate Clark

If you drive to the Bagram detention centre, you pass by a row of small shops selling birds. Live finches and other wild song birds hop about in cages which hang among dead game birds on hooks, ready for the pot. The well-watered lands of the Shomali Plain, home to waders, ducks and many other […]

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Despite Growing Ulema Conservatism: Afghans Managed to Celebrate Nawruz

AAN Team

Increasingly, during the last few years, the millennia-old celebrations of Nawruz, the New Year which starts at the spring equinox, ie around 21 March, has become the object of a religious debate in Afghanistan. Although the spring festivity is a major official holiday and continues to be a popular occasion for families to go on […]

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The Other Guantanamo 5: A New MoU for Bagram and, Finally, a Handover?

Kate Clark

The Pentagon has announced and the Afghan presidential palace confirmed that the US military will hand over its detention facility at Bagram Airbase to the Afghan authorities tomorrow, 25 March 2013. The presidential spokesman, Aimal Faizy, told AAN the two governments have negotiated a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which, unlike the first MoU on […]

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Rancour between the Allies: Karzai speaks to the Americans

Kate Clark

If the Americans ‘surrender’ to Afghan demands, President Karzai has said, he will sign a bilateral security agreement with them. He told an Afghan audience on national TV that the US wanted bases in Afghanistan – a globally significant country – and, as the audience laughed and applauded, he said: ‘The USA has come and […]

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22 March 2013: Mali/Afghanistan Podium Discussion in Frankfurt/Main (with AAN)

AAN admin

Freedom through war? is the question the organisers of a podium discussion in the German city of Frankfurt are posing. And: What are the expectations and expected results of the military in Afghanistan und Mali? The discussion, with participation of AAN Co-director Thomas Ruttig, will take place on 22 March 2013 at 7 pm.   […]

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Sal-e Naw Mubarak! Neway kal-mu mubarak!

Kate Clark

AAN would like to wish all our beloved readers and contributors a peaceful and happy new year. The signs of spring are all about us here in Kabul – blossom on the almond trees, cats a-courting and sunshine, warm and pleasant, is mixed with thunder showers. The mud underfoot is drying to dust in the […]

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A War of Attrition in Farah Province

Fabrizio Foschini

With the withdrawal of foreign troops taking place countrywide, it is inevitable that not all provinces fare the same, given the differences in insurgents’ and government’s degree of attention. Farah, a province where transition was scheduled late by all standards, has experienced a serious deterioration in security, even before the transition was over. The second […]

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The Kabul Bank Tribunal: an exercise in containment

Martine van Bijlert

The Kabul Bank crisis is complicated and multi-layered. Its tentacles reached into almost all centres of power and threatened to embarrass not just the architects of the scam, but practically everybody involved: businessmen, politicians, senior government officials, the various Presidential campaign teams, Parliamentarians, Central Bank staff, international advisers, donors – the list is long. Since […]

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Afghanistan’s vain attempts at wooing Pakistani Islamists for peace

Borhan Osman

The recent assertion by Pakistan’s chief cleric, Tahir Ashrafi, about the permissibility of Taleban’s suicide attacks was completely the opposite of what Afghanistan had been looking for. Indeed, Kabul has had difficulties in mobilising religious leaders to speak against suicide attacks. A long sought conference of ulama from Afghanistan and Pakistan aimed at delegitimising militancy […]

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