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22 March 2013: Mali/Afghanistan Podium Discussion in Frankfurt/Main (with AAN)

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Freedom through war? is the question the organisers of a podium discussion in the German city of Frankfurt are posing. And: What are the expectations and expected results of the military in Afghanistan und Mali? The discussion, with participation of AAN Co-director Thomas Ruttig, will take place on 22 March 2013 at 7 pm.


After the failed military interventions in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, the public discourse about Mali is dominated by military instead of political considerations again. In this discourse, the voices of Malians are abut to disappear again. Military action covers deficits of political legitimisation and it is to be feared that the end of the operation will leave behind a deeply disillusioned population again.

The more it is important that room for questions and actions can be created in which the question about the causes of crises and wars, about distribution conflicts, misjudgements in development policies and the results of unrestricted capitalism can be openly posed.

One thing already has become visible in the Malian crisis: Lasting peace can’t be achieved without social justice (text by medico, working translation AAN).

Participants are:

Andrea Böhm (journalist, DIE ZEIT), Ilija Trojanow (writer and middle east traveller), Thomas Ruttig (Afghanistan Analysts Network) and Sabine Eckart (host, medico international).


Haus am Dom, Domplatz 3, 60311 Frankfurt am Main


22 March 2013, 7:00 pm

For medico’s Mali blog Voix du Mali please click here.

The host organisation, medico international, has been working in Afghanistan for many years, more here.


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