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Rohrabacher’s “Blood Borders” in Balochistan

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Huffington Post, 22 February 2012
Christine Fair’s essential piece explaining the politicking behind a call of some US congress members to redraw Pakistan’s borders – and on their latest Afghan initiative: ‘Unfortunately, this [on Balochistan] is not the first geopolitical exploit Mr. Rohrabacher has orchestrated. In January of 2012, he and Mr. Gohmert, among other Congresspersons, held a controversial meeting in Berlin with several representatives of the now defunct Northern Alliance. The goal of the meeting was to undermine the administration’s current, if difficult and tentative, negotiations with the Taliban. […] Needless to say, the fixation with the warlords of the Northern Alliance belies an astonishing ignorance about these men’s involvement in war crimes and appalling human rights violations (such as the shocking practices of child rape and child concubinage (bacchebazi). While the Taliban are widely seen as violent and illegitimate actors who have killed tens of thousands, for some reason the militias of the former Northern Alliance have managed to distance themselves in the American mind from their own violent and repugnant pasts.’


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