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The Daily Hustle: The trials and tribulations of being a street vendor in Kabul

Sayed Asadullah Sadat Roxanna Shapour

For anyone who has spent any time in Kabul, handcart sellers and street vendors are a familiar sight, as they walk around the city hawking their wares from dusk to dawn trying to eke out a meagre living for their families. Street vendors say that more and more young Afghans have been joining their ranks, […]

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The opening session of the Special Envoys on Afghanistan in the Qatari capital Doha. Photo: State of Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 18 February 2024

From Doha to Doha: The contest over a UN Special Envoy lingers as discussions and disagreements drag on

Roxanna Shapour

Afghanistan is back on the world’s agenda. The UN Security Council has met behind closed doors to hear about the recently held United Nations-convened meeting of Special Envoys on Afghanistan in Doha. The current rulers of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate, decided not to attend the Doha gathering and are adamantly against the planned appointment of […]

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The Contest for a Special Envoy: Will the meeting in Doha yield a shift in the world’s engagement with the Emirate? 

Roxanna Shapour

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres will host a second meeting of Special Envoys on Afghanistan in the capital of Qatar, Doha, on 18-19 February 2024. Unlike the last gathering in May 2023, the Emirate has also been invited, although it has not yet confirmed that it will send a delegation. The two-day meeting is expected […]

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From policing in Afghanistan to fleeing to Iran: a woman’s journey

Rukhshana, 23 January 2024 A heart-gripping AAN-style ‘daily hustle’ story, from another source, exiled Afghan women’s news platform Rukhshana, telling the gripping story of Badam Gul who went – before August 2021 – from being a fram worker together with her husband to, after his death, to join the women’s police in Balkh, driving taxi […]

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Human Rights Situation in Afghanistan: October – December 2023 Update

UNAMA, 22 January 2024 This is another update on Afghanistan’s human rights situation under the Taleban. UNAMA’s main findings include: The report also looks at “targeted attacks against Hazaras”, “Forced expulsions of Afghans from Pakistan”, corporal punishment and the Taleban’s application of ‘justice.’

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Taliban Rule at 2.5 Years

CTC Sentinel, 20 January 2024 An extensive analysis by American University of Afghanistan’s Haroun Rahimi and USIP’s Andrew H. Watkins in a Westpoint publication, looking at – in the papers two main parts – governance and leadership dynamics, and their “Engaging with the Outside World.” Among their conclusions:

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Afghanistan-Untersuchungsausschuss: Die Fragen bleiben

Tageszeitung, 17 January 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this analysis of the work so far of German parliament’s – the Bundestag – enquiry committee about the last phase of German engagement in Afghanistan (in German). The more important of the quotes: Analyst Ruttig recently wrote that the [committee’s] ongoing analysis of the Doha […]

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Surviving the Crisis: A Socioeconomic Assessment of the Middle Class in Kabul

Biruni Institute, December 2023 Authors Dr Lutfi Rahimi ([email protected]) and Dr Omar Joya ([email protected]), both from the Biruni Institute, provide an assessment of the socioeconomic status of the urbanite middle class in Kabul and how they coped with radical institutional changes and persistent economic shocks since the Taliban takeover in August 2021. The study is […]

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Försiktigt kinesiskt engagemang i Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Swedish Afghanistan Committee, 18 December 2023 This is an abbreviated translation into Swedish of Thomas Ruttig’s Septemr 2023 AAN report, titled “Chinese Investments in Afghanistan: Strategic economic move or incentive for the Emirate?” on the Swedish Committee’s website.

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The exclusive Sherpur neighbourhood in Kabul, built in 2003 after Kabul Chief of Police Abdul Bashir Salangi, on the orders of Minister of Defence Qasim Fahim, bulldozed the mud-built houses of poor residents: plots were subsequently distributed largely to their factional comrades from Shura-ye Nizar. Photo: Wakil Kohsar/AFP, 2022

Land in Afghanistan: This time, retaking instead of grabbing land?

Ali Mohammad Sabawoon

When the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) retook power, it started reclaiming state land that had been seized during previous administrations. In October 2022, the IEA established the Land-Grabbing Prevention and Restitution Commission, within the Ministry of Justice, whose purpose is to investigate land-grabbing under the Islamic Republic, restore any state land and prevent it […]

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Erdbeben in Herat: Die Naturkatastrophe in West-Afghanistan trifft die Schwächsten

Thomas Ruttig

Blätter des iz3w, 11 December 2023 This article is an overview about the October 2023 series of earthquakes in Herat, its repercussions for the local population and the response to it by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, written for the ‘Blätter’ which is one of the longest-standing German NGO journals on north-south relations (in German).

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The Daily Hustle: “Helping the dreams of girls come true”

Rohullah Sorush Roxanna Shapour

After the Islamic Emirate banned older girls from education, many girls found alternative avenues to continue their studies, find intellectual stimulation – and even, as this Daily Hustle found out, make a living in the private education sector. AAN’s Rohullah Sorush hears from one young Afghan woman about how, even in the face of overwhelming […]

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