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Month: January 2018

Nangarhar is the deadliest Afghan province for US forces in the past year


Stars and Stripes, 8 January 2018 The Us daily quotes former AAN colleague Borhan Osman (still in his AAN capacity, it seems from earlier analysis) on ISKP in Nangrahar: The group has established a command base in the Mamand and Peka valleys of Achin district, according to Borhan Osman, a researcher with the Afghan Analysts […]

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The mysterious, ancient Nine Domes Mosque of northern Afghanistan


AFP, 6 January 2018 A very interesting article, reminding of one of the most important archaeological landmarks of Afghanistan. “This is a masterpiece. You have to imagine how it looked like, fully decorated with lapis, some parts in red, it was all covered and painted: it was like a garden of paradise inside, with a […]

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How Canadians are planting seeds of hope for girls in Afghanistan


The Toronto Star, 5 January 2017 In this long piece, AAN’s Obaid Ali is quoted on the general security situation in Afghanistan: “The Taliban is very active; still able to pose a serious threat to government forces,” says Obaid Ali, head [sic] of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a think-tank in Kabul. “They place themselves in […]

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For the first time, an MP has accused a fellow MP of corruption. The case eventually went to the Attorney General, but only after the vast majority of other MPs voted to give the accused immunity from prosecution. Photo: Pajhwok archive photo.

Lost in Procedure: How a corruption case in the Afghan parliament was (not) dealt with

Rohullah Sorush Jelena Bjelica

The lower house of the Afghan Parliament – the Wolesi Jirga – has a long-standing and unflattering reputation for corruption, which ranges from members of parliament receiving bribes for votes of confidence to arranging lucrative contracts. The latest allegation, however, was the first time that an MP had accused a fellow MP of corruption. This […]

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