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Month: April 2017

“Atta for President” Again? The struggle for the Afghan presidency and Jamiat’s leadership

Thomas Ruttig

This year’s Nawruz, the Persian New Year on 21 March 2017, also heralded the beginning of the positioning for Afghanistan’s next presidential election, although due only in two years’ time. Atta Muhammad Nur, the powerful governor of Balkh province, used the popular holiday to announce that he will run in 2019. He kept open, however, […]

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American Soldier Killed Fighting ISIS In Afghanistan

Martine van Bijlert

Opposing Views, 10 April 2017 Article quotes AAN on ISIS in Afghanistan: “The Taliban sees ISIS as a competitor on the battlefield,” Afghanistan Analysts’ Network told Newsweek. “When ISIS began appearing in Afghanistan and tried to get a foothold, the Taliban cracked down on them.”

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Indonesia’s Afghan Refugees Question Impact of President Ghani’s Visit

Martine van Bijlert

Voice of America News, 6 April 2017 Article discussing, among other things, the situation of Hazaras in Afghanistan quotes AAN on the regrouping of the Taleban after the death of its leader: Despite huge international aid and no end in sight for American military involvement, Afghanistan has struggled to curb the Taliban insurgency. In fact, the group […]

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Schlag auf Schlag

Martine van Bijlert

Wiener Zeitung, 4 April 2017 Article on Afghanistan’s success in cricket quotes AAN’s recent dispatch “The Great Game: The rise of Afghan cricket from exodus and war”: “Dass es die beiden Spieler aus Afghanistan in die IPL geschafft haben, ist für viele Beobachter eine bemerkenswerte Erfolgsgeschichte. Laut einem Bericht des Afghanistan Analysts Network, einer Kabuler Denkfabrik, […]

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Harassment of Women in Afghanistan: A hidden phenomenon addressed in too many laws

Ehsan Qaane

Afghan women and girls often quietly endure harassment, including sexual harassment. Speaking out brings with it the possibility of their honour being called into question, and could lead to further restrictions being placed on their lives. Over the past few years, several legal initiatives have sought to address the issue of harassment. This has led […]

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