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Month: May 2012

Guest Blog: How to name Universities or: Any Linguistic Problem in Afghanistan?

Lutz Rzehak

Language matters. The issue of what the ‘correct’ naming of an institution is, is just one of the linguistic debates that have become highly politicised in post-Taleban Afghanistan. Our guest blogger, Lutz Rzehak(*), looks at these issues from the point of view of a linguist who speaks three of Afghanistan’s languages and has carried out […]

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Getting human rights wrong is not an option


Foreign Policy’s AfPak Channel, 17 May 2012 Read ex-AIHRC commissioner Nader Nadery’s article pleading for a human rights priority in NATO’s Afghanistan strategy, criticising that the West, since the end of the Bonn process in 2004, has ‘refrained from exerting real political pressure on the government to comply with its international obligations and the Afghan […]

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Attacks by Taliban Rise in Surge Areas


Wall Street Journal, 16 May 2012 Taleban attacks are jumping in southern Afghan areas like the districts of Zhari, Panjwai and Maiwand that were the focus of the 2010 US troop surge, writes Yaroslv Trofimov, ‘posing a renewed challenge to the American-led coalition that hoped to pacify the crucial region before withdrawing from the country’. […]

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Bonded labour ensnares entire families


IRIN, 16 May 2012 IRIN points to a new ILO report according to which more than half of the brick kiln workers surveyed in Afghanistan were children, with most under 14. 
ost children began working at the age of seven or eight, and almost 80 percent are under 10. According to the ILO, the kilns […]

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Transition Phase Three: A Big Leap Forward

Fabrizio Foschini

A new phase of the security transition, the third, has been announced. Every Afghan province is now going to be involved, at least partly, in the transfer of security from ISAF troops to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). This is the case even in areas where foreign troops are no longer present or where […]

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Beating a Retreat: Prospects for the Transition Process in Afghanistan

Barbara Stapleton

As NATO member states gather for their summit in Chicago this coming weekend to discuss the security transition in Afghanistan and the prospect for continued engagement, the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) has released a new report exploring the complexities surrounding NATO’s current transition strategy. In the report ‘Beating a Retreat; Prospects for the Transition Process in […]

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27 and 30 June 2012, Berlin: Two Afghanistan podiums with AAN

AAN admin

AAN’s Co-Director Thomas Ruttig will participate in two podiums on Afghanistan in Berlin this week, organised by the Berlin he Nahost-Forum and by the Afghanistan Committee for Peace, Reconstruction and Culture. On Wednesday, 27 June 2012, he will talk about ‘Afghanistan: The current situation and prospect for the future’ (in German) at the invitation of […]

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Afghanistan’s Fluctuating Poppy Production: More Than a Poverty Problem

Doris Buddenberg

Afghanistan’s area of poppy cultivation has increased by 7 per cent compared to the last year and more provinces cultivate poppy than then. This is the gist of annual opium survey for the country for 2012. There are no predictions about how many (thousands of) tons this will be. And the publishers – the UN […]

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Moderate Taliban speaks of divisions


AP, 14 May 2012 Kathy Gannon speaks to the former head of the Taleban’s political commission, and Quetta shura member Agha Jan Motassem, who is recovering from an assassination bid in Turkey.

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Another Hit at the High Peace Council: Arsala Rahmani Killed (amended)

Kate Clark

One of the leading reconciled Taleban, Arsala Rahmani, who was also a senator and, until last month, acting head of the High Peace Council, has been shot dead in Kabul. On 3 May, the Taleban declared they would be targeting High Peace Council members in their ‘Spring Offensive’, but a spokesman has said they did […]

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Ghori Cement Plant Faces Bankruptcy


TOLOnews, 12 May 2012 Afghanistan’s largest cement company based in Pul-e Khumri (Baghlan), that is fully Afghan-owned, is facing bankruptcy at its second cement plant if it cannot secure sufficient bank financing, the company’s officials said Saturday. McClatchy newspapers, in late 2010, that Ghori Cement Factory and Karkar coal mine in Baghlan had ‘become symbols […]

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