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Month: August 2010

Pakistani Anger with WikiLeaks

Karl Fischer Ulrike Schulz

Pakistan has remarkably free media. However, this freedom has been limited on a few subjects. Journalists would not touch the Pakistani involvement in Afghanistan during the ‘jihad’ against the Soviet occupation in a critical way, for example. It looked as if the ISI often was dictating the leaders on this subject in at least some […]

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Afghanistan is (still) not Iraq

Kate Clark

One of the monsters thought to be slain has raised one of its ugly heads again: the ‘let’s replicate our Iraq success in Afghanistan’ discussion, seasoned with ‘yes we know Afghanistan is not Iraq but…’ attachments. See the surge that supposedly has brought a decrease of violence in Baghdad and elsewhere and has been replicated […]

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Intimidation and bombings silence Jalalabad’s thriving record stores


The Guardian, 5 August 2010 Not only a story about Jalalabad’s record stores but also – and more importantly – about the deteriorating security situation in Nangrahar in general which makes one think that this is the next hitherto relatively stable province falling to the Taleban

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Justice in Afghanistan: the Insect and the Elephant

Gran Hewad

AAN political researcher Gran Hewad attended this week’s opening event of the ‘National Campaign on Supporting Justice in Afghanistan’. He visited the tents, watched the audience and reminisces about the war and the chances of establishing justice. The ‘National Campaign on Supporting Justice in Afghanistan’ is the title of a six day open gathering taking […]

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AAN In The Media – August 2010

AAN Team

Afghan Police’s Lack of Guns and Gas Shows U.S. Exit Plan Flaw Bloomberg, 31 August 2010 Baghlan’s police suffer unstable leadership because of power struggles among ethnic Pashtun and Tajik clans that have seen 10 provincial governors and numerous police chiefs appointed in nine years, said Fabrizio Foschini of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a research […]

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