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AAN In The Media – August 2010

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Afghan Police’s Lack of Guns and Gas Shows U.S. Exit Plan Flaw
Bloomberg, 31 August 2010
Baghlan’s police suffer unstable leadership because of power struggles among ethnic Pashtun and Tajik clans that have seen 10 provincial governors and numerous police chiefs appointed in nine years, said Fabrizio Foschini of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a research group in Kabul. Clan- based militias defy government authority with roadblocks at which they extort money from travelers, merchants and nomads moving their herds, Foschini said.

Karzai Aide Scandal Underscores Afghan Anticorruption Failures
Radio Free Europe, 28 August 2010
AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, quoted here, finds the general US approach more important (and wrong) than the Salehi case: “If you want to fight corruption and if you pay people, for instance, private security companies to guard your convoys, your bases, your embassies — and you know that these companies are actually working on behalf and for the profits of warlords, you undermine the whole system you are meant to be building up in Afghanistan’.

‘Eher Rückschritte als Fortschritt’ (Regression rather than Progress)
Islamische Zeitung (Berlin), 26 August 2010
Extensive interview with AAN’s Thoma Ruttig on the current developments in Afghanistan in the light of the WikiLeaks publications (in German).

Taliban-Kommandant spricht von Mord (Taleban commander speaks about ‘murder’)
tageszeitung (Berlin), 23 August 2010
Article based on the latest two AAN blogs in which two high-ranking Taleban officials from North-Eastern Afghanistan called the murder of ten aid workers ‘murder’ and a ‘crime’ and expressed their ‘condolences’.

Two slain US aid workers to be buried in Kabul
AFP, 21 August 2010
This article quotes the Nuristan Taleban commander’s condemnation of the killings and quotes Kate Clark’s AAN blog on the slain aid workers.

Karzai scraps guns for hire, but where do the gunslingers go?
France 24, 19 August 2010
This is a transcript of a TV piece on the Karzai decree banning private security companies in which AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted as saying that this step ‘might have something to do with trying to get control of the market’.

Death of a peacemaker
BBC, 14 August 2010
Kate Clark’s memories of Dan Terry and their discussions about how to approach the Taleban.

Unrest Is Undermining Hopes for Afghan Vote
New York Times, 11 August 2010
This article examines the likelihood that the security situation might impact negatively on the upcoming parliamentary elections. Nevertheless, the Afghan armed forces say they are able to protect even more polling stations then last year. AAN’s Martine van Bijlert says that “there’s a good chance most of the seats will be taken by people committing fraud,”.

Quotation of the Day
12 August 2010, New York Times
Martine van Bijlert is NYT quotation of the day: “There’s a good chance most of the seats will be taken by people committing fraud.”

‘Zeit ist wirklich das Entscheidende’ (To Take Time Is Most Important’)
Deutschlandradio Kultur, 11 August 2010
Commenting on the latest UN civilian casualty figures, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig pleads vom for ‘time, patience and calming down period’ in Afghanistan. Listen to the audio and the see the transcript (both in German).

Zahl getöteter Zivilisten steigt (Figure of Civilian Casualties Rises)
tageszeitung (Berlin), 11 August 2010
AAN’s Thomas Ruttig reports about the latest UN and AIHRC figures showing a 31 per cent rise in civlian casualties in the first half of 2010 and about growing anger amongst Afghans who increasingly take to the streets about this matter, including those who reject the Taleban.

Das Kreuz mit dem Kreuz (The Crux with the Cross)
Rheinischer Merkur (Bonn), 12 August 2010
The article discusses the situation of Christian aid groups in Afghanistan. AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted on the 2001 Shelter Now case when members of that groups proselytised amongst Afghans, the group was kicked out of Afghanistan and put Afghans and other groups in danger but, as the article shows, still denies any wrongdoing.

‘Die Expedition ist nicht ohne Risiko’ (The Expedition Won’t Be Without Risk)
sü, 10 August 2010
AAN’s Kate Clark in Kabul is quoted on the murder of the ten IAM eye camp organisers. She explains how protection is organised, by relying on local connections…

Taliban massacre big-hearted team devoted to helping Afghans
Sydney Morning Herald, 9 August 2010
Here, Kate Clark’s AAN obituary for the slain IAM team is quoted again.

Taliban Returns To Northern Afghanistan
National Public Radio (US), 9 August 2010
AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted on the Taliban infiltrating Pashtun and non-Pashtun communities, the ‘weak performance’ of German troops in the area and abuses by the ANP that helped the Taleban.

Missionare oder Helfer? (Missionaries or Aid Workers?)
tageszeitung (Berlin), 9 August 2010
A background on IAM, the life story of Tom Little and a clear answer to the question above (in German)

Der Westen trägt zur Zuspitzung in Afghanistan bei (originally: Victims of Huntington’s Clash of Cultures)
tageszeitung (Berlin), 9 August 2010
In his commentary, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig proposes that the IAM workers were slain in an atmosphere in which on one hand the Taleban misrepresent all foreigners as “unbelievers” and propagandists of Christianity while Bush’s talk of a crusade, still alive amongst many in the military, together with quasi-racist notions of the ‘poor’ and ‘under-developed’ Afghans contributes to that kind of polarised logic (in German)

Afghanistan-Experte warnt vor Gefährdung der Hilfsorganisationen (Afghanistan Expert Warns Against Growing Risk for Aid Groups)
epd (German news agency), 9 August 2010
This is the condensed version of a radio interview given by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig to NDR the same morning.

Our mate, the bloody warlord
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 August 2010
Article on Mattiullah Khan in Uruzgan quotes AAN’s Martine van Bijlert on the risks involved in becoming increasingly dependent on such forces.

U.S. Victims Identified as Bodies Arrive in Kabul
International Herald Trbune, 8 August
Another quote from Kate Clark’s AAN obituary: “Dan Terry and Tom Little were men of faith and made no secret of that,” said Kate Clark, a friend who works as a political analyst in Kabul. “But you don’t manage to survive in a country like Afghanistan for 30 or 40 years and try to convert people.”

Our mate, the bloody warlord 
The Age (Australia), 8 August 2010
In this story about Uruzgan’s ‘strongman’ Matiullah – now of concern for the Australians – AAN’s Martine van Bijlert warns against dependence on certain groups and people that migh create vulnerability.

Slain American volunteers were devoted to service
Los Angeles Times, 8 August 2010
Kate Clark’s obituary for Tom Little, Dan Terry and the other participants of the murdered IAM mission to Nuristan is quoted here.

Die Punkte der Profis (The Points of the Professionals)
epo-Mediawatch, 1 August 2010
The profesisonals in this post of the German development policy website is — AAN (thanks for the flowers, epo). It quotes from our blog on the WikiLeaks documents.


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