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Afghanistan’s civilians in the crosshairs


Af PakChannel, 14 July 2011 OSI’s Erica Gaston comments on the latest UNAMA civilian casualties report which she calls ‘a chilling rebuttal to illusions that Afghanistan is moving toward greater stability’ and a grim reality check to over-optimistic reports by international military and civilian leaders that their strategy is successfully disrupting insurgent activities’. She demands […]

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Afghanistan: UN Losing PR Battle in Kabul


Eurasianet, 6 April 2011 In the light of the recent unrest in Mazar and the Afghan government’s letter to limit the Unama mandate, Aunohita Mojumdar says that the United Nations ‘is struggling to remain relevant in Afghanistan. At the heart of the UN’s challenge is a growing perception that it has lost the trust and […]

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Counting the Dead in Afghanistan


Science, 11 March 2011 A detailed discussion of trends in civilian casualties, using data from Unama, the Afghan NGO ARM (called here ‘the highest-resolution data of all, describing individual incidents’), WikiLeaks and – for a first time – the full CIVCAS (civilian casualty) data collected by ISAF. Discrepancies between the data are explained: ISAF only […]

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The Civilian Cost of Armed Conflict in Afghanistan: An Overview of Recent Reports

Sari Kouvo

In July, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and UNAMA published their mid-year reports on civilian casualties and protection of civilians in the conflict in Afghanistan. AAN Senior Analyst, Sari Kouvo, takes a closer look at patterns identified on violations against – and protection of – civilians in the war in Afghanistan and brings in […]

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A challenge for the next head of UNAMA

Minna Jarvenpaa

Minna Jarvenpaa, AAN founding member and former head of UNAMA’s Analysis and Policy Unit, looks ahead at the challenges faced by Afghanistan’s new UN SRSG. Staffan di Mistura, who on the eve of the London Conference was appointed by Ban Ki-moon as his Special Representative to head up the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), […]

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