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Francesc Vendrell visiting Faizabad on 23 May 2001. Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/GettyImages

Obituary for Francesc Vendrell (1940-2022): An outspoken diplomat who cared about people, principles and peace

Thomas Ruttig

The Afghanistan Analysts Network mourns for the chair of our Advisory Board, Ambassador Francesc Vendrell, who died on the morning of 27 November 2022 in London of severe illness, aged 82. Francesc was a passionate diplomat, a seeker of peace and defender of human rights, not just with lip service but with a drive and […]

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A Pledging Conference for Afghanistan… But what about beyond the humanitarian?

Roxanna Shapour Kate Clark

The United Kingdom, Germany, Qatar and the United Nations are co-hosting a virtual, ministerial-level, international, pledging summit for Afghanistan, today. It aims to raise USD 4.4 billion for lifesaving humanitarian support to 22.1 million Afghans who are at “immediate and catastrophic levels of need.” Afghanistan’s Taleban government, in power since August 2021 but not recognised […]

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At Europe's edge: exhausted refugees in a Serbian field. Photo: Refugee Aid Serbia.

An “Afghan Exodus” (1): Facts, figures, trends

Thomas Ruttig

The on-going “exodus” of Afghans – now the second largest group entering the EU – has contributed to the increasing refugee numbers across Europe. This, in turn, has led to heated debates and an increased political polarisation between pro- and anti-refugee movements and parties. As governments and citizens struggle to handle the influx of refugees, […]

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Elections 2014 (48): Key documents underwriting the electoral audit

Martine van Bijlert

While the Abdullah team has already dismissed both the audit and its outcome, the IEC still needs to finalise the process to arrive at a new result. As a background to the audit and its tumultuous history, AAN has gathered a number of key documents in one place. These include the three main IEC decisions […]

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Elections 2014 (38): Candidate positioning after the preliminary results

Martine van Bijlert

A day after the announcement of the preliminary results, the US and the UN have sought to temper the shock and anger in the Abdullah camp, as well as the joy among Ghani’s supporters, by stressing that the results are not final. Both Abdullah and Ghani have sought public positions that could allow for a […]

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Policing Afghanistan’s internally displaced


Express Tribune (Pakistan), 24 March 2014 AAN's occasional guest author Assunta Nicolini with an op-ed on Afghanistan that has "finally joined the ranks of countries developing and implementing national internal displacement strategies". She mentiones that it was "noted by the Afghan [sic] Analyst Network, [that] until now Afghan IDPs were not part of any specific international agency’s […]

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Ein Racheakt, kein Strategiewechsel: Anschlag auf ein Lokal voller Ausländer in Kabul

AAN Team

Deutsche Welle (website), 17 January 2014 In this report about the fatal terrorist attack at a Kabul restaurant, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and Adenauer Foundation’s (and AAN author) Nils Woermer ae quoted in unison that this terrorist acts does not represent a change of strategy of the Taleban who have attacked civilians, Afghans and internationals alike, […]

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Afghanistan wird immer gefährlicher für Hilfsorganisationen

Thomas Ruttig

Deutschlandradio, 4 December 2013 The German quality radio station talks with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig after the killing og nine aid workers in Afghanistan last week and the UN spoke of growing risks and respect for humanitarian actors. Listen to the audio (in German) by going to the link and then clicking on the right headline.

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Lack of cash and monitors add to Afghan election troubles


Reuters, 1 December 2013 A good overview over shortcomings that stand in the way of orderly 2014 elections: "Organizers of Afghanistan's make-or-break presidential election next year say poor security, a shortage of monitors and funding holes are undermining their ability to safeguard the process from the widespread fraud that marred the last poll in 2009." Worryingly, […]

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Who Played Havoc with the Qatar Talks? Five possible scenarios to explain the mess

Borhan Osman Kate Clark

The bizarre turn of events following the opening of the Taleban office in Doha has led many to wonder whether the affair could have been deliberately sabotaged. Was it possible it had just been badly handled? So rapidly did the optimism about potential talks give way to bewilderment at their suspension, and the Taleban’s re-appearance […]

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Kabul räumt erstmals Folter ein


Tageszeitung (Berlin), 11 February 2013. After the Karzai government’s enquiry confirmed an UN report about torture in Afghan jails, AAN’s Kate Clark comments: ‘I am glad that the UN report was confirmed. The problem is simply to big for a denial. Now it is important to draw the consequences.’.

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UN Torture Report: still no accountability for torture

Kate Clark

UNAMA’s new report on the torture of ‘conflict related detainees’ makes bleak reading and not only because of the scale and weight of evidence against Afghan intelligence and the police. UNAMA reported that more than half of those interviewed had experienced torture or ill-treatment. They included children as young as 14. The UN also says […]

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