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Silhouettes of armed men against a darkening sky

Reforming the Afghan Ministry of Interior: A way to ‘tilt’ the war?

Kate Clark

As part of their review of military strategy in Afghanistan, both President Ashraf Ghani and the Commander of United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, have honed in on the Ministry of Interior as a critical weakness in the government’s fight against the Taleban. The Afghan National Police, a paramilitary force, is […]

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Economic Management in Afghanistan: Thoughts on what worked, what didn’t and why


The Afghan government and its international partners will meet in Kabul next month at the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) to review progress since last December’s London Conference and to discuss specific reform programs for the future. Discussions are complicated by the fact that Afghanistan’s economy remains weak and its fiscal situation dire. In the deliberations on […]

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Portraits of Ghani and Abdullah. Photo c/o Tolonews.

Elections 2014 (50): Experience with ‘governments of national unity’ elsewhere

Thomas Ruttig

In hindsight, it is difficult to find out who first had the idea of Afghanistan having a ‘government of national unity’ (GNU) as the way out of the Afghan electoral deadlock. Currently, however, it is promoted by almost all the international players and, at least in words – an agreement how to implement it is […]

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Kommentar Wahl in Afghanistan: Verlierer sind die Taliban


Tageszeitung (Berlin), 7 April 2014 Op-ed commentary by AAN's Thomas Ruttig, saying that although the winner of the Afghan presidential election is not known yet, the losers are clear: the Taliban who were unable to make true on their threat to start spectacular actions to disrupt the elections. The election was one of defiance, mainly […]

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Cheating and Worse: The university entry (kankur) exams as a bottleneck for higher education

Obaid Ali

Getting into university via the so called kankur exam is one of the highest hurdles for Afghanistan’s young generation wanting to obtain higher education. Each year, there are allegations of corruption, fraud and flawed management of the exams while the number of high school graduates sitting them increases. AAN’s Obaid Ali (with input by Christine […]

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