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Försiktigt kinesiskt engagemang i Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Swedish Afghanistan Committee, 18 December 2023 This is an abbreviated translation into Swedish of Thomas Ruttig’s Septemr 2023 AAN report, titled “Chinese Investments in Afghanistan: Strategic economic move or incentive for the Emirate?” on the Swedish Committee’s website.

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Chinese Investments in Afghanistan: Strategic economic move or incentive for the Emirate?

Thomas Ruttig

When the West withdrew from Afghanistan, many assumed its acquisitive neighbour, China, would reap the economic benefits of the change of government in Kabul. Afghanistan has immense, but largely untouched mineral and hydrocarbon wealth, including strategically valuable metals, such as lithium. That assumption was fed in the first half of 2023 by a flurry of […]

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Illegal, non-professional excavation of a mine in Chilan valley underway


Pajhwok News Agency, 24 April 2014 Another story about the mining hazard, will all ingredients: weak government and insurgents’ influence.

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Photo: Pajhwok Afghan News, 2013

Cure or Curse? Implications of the Kilij mine closure for Bamyan’s security situation

Jalil Benish

As Afghanistan prepares to take full responsibility for security and state functions by the end of 2014, the country’s natural resources are often touted as a major source of future state revenue to substitute for dwindling international aid. There are, however, concerns regarding the ability and willingness of the Afghan government to ensure that extraction is […]

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Illicit miners yet to be prosecuted


Pajhwok News Agency, 6 February 2014 The list of 1400 companies and individuals involved in the illegal extraction of mines that had been released a year ago by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has not arrived at the Attorney General Office (AGO) yet, reports the Kabul-based news agency. And it is shrinking: Integrity Watch says the initial […]

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