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Meet Afghanistan’s Greatest Hope: ‘The Re-Integree’


The National Interest, 8 May 2012 The number of 4,200 to 4,300 reintegrated insurgents since the first one signed to the APRP in October 2010 is not statistically significant yet, according to a senior US adviser to Massum Stanekzai, head of the Afghanistan Peace and Reconciliation Program (APRP). (Another 600 are now being ‘vetted,’ the […]

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Guest Blog: ‘What are the Taleban supposed to do if they won?’

Sven Hansen

Berlin daily die tageszeitung (taz) met former Taleban ambassador Mulla Abdul Salam Za‘if and Muhammad Massum Stanakzai, head of the APRP secretariat, together and asked them about negotiations, red lines, preconditions and Afghanistan’s future. It was ‘as if the war already was over’, as taz interviewer Sven Hansen* remarked. taz: Mr Stanekzai and Mullah Za‘if, why […]

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Guest Blog: Reconciliation Reloaded in Khost

Emilie Jelinek

Once there was the Strengthening Peace programme, with it provincial branches, like here in Khost, to ‘reintegrate’ willing insurgent fighters. It failed because of corruption and a lack of political support. Now, there is its successor programme APRP, and it is unclear whether that’s just a new name on the same project. Our guest blogger […]

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For a Handful of Dollars: Taleban allowed to join ALP

Kate Clark

It’s official: reintegrated Taleban will be able to join the Afghan Local Police (ALP) – referred to more commonly by civilians as militias or arbaki. This is according to the head of ISAF’s Regional Command North (who also said such Taleban might become teachers). In flat contradiction, the MoI told AAN today that Taleban will […]

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Kabul Conference (1): Outsmarted and made to pay

Martine van Bijlert

For weeks I have dismissed the Kabul conference as yet another conference – as something diplomats do, when they don’t know what to do. It was, as usual, preceded by a merry-go-round of pre-meetings and document-drafting-sessions and discrete enquiries (who is coming from your side? are you pledging?), which made it look like simply more […]

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