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“You Have No Right to Complain”: Education, Social Restrictions, and Justice in Taliban-Held Afghanistan

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Human Rights Watch, 30 June 2020

The latest Afghanistan report of the human rights organisations, based on interviews, looks at the practice on the following topics in Taleban-controlled areas: education for girls and women, freedom of expression and social restrictions, detention and punishment for government contacts, and criticism of the Taleban.

From the summary:

The report focuses on the everyday experiences of people living in Taliban-held districts and the impact Taliban policies have had on their rights and freedoms, including education; information and media; and movement. It looks at local people’s efforts to bring complaints against Taliban officials and fighters. Since US-Taliban negotiations began in early 2019, women’s rights activists and other Afghans in government-held areas have raised concerns about Taliban restrictions in their areas of control and the effect a settlement with the Taliban would have on these rights. We also document abuses by Taliban courts and prisons, including prolonged arbitrary detention and summary punishments, including executions. We do not document here the Taliban’s many and widespread violations of the methods and means of warfare, including deliberate attacks on civilians, which we investigated in the 2018 Human Rights Watch report, No Safe Place: Insurgent Attacks on Civilians in Afghanistan, and which continue to cause civilian harm.