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Time to hit the political reset button in Afghanistan

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Asia Times online, 18 July 2018

Afghan analyst Haroun Mir makes a number of valid points on the proposed US-Taleban talks, namely thatthe Afghan government “lost the peace momentum because of the absence of a consensus among key members of the governing coalition”, adding that “the Afghan political elite in Kabul, instead of closing ranks to make a grand political bargain with the Taliban, continue their infighting for a greater share of political power.” He adds that

… there are legitimate questions about the future of the constitutional political process and the fate of Afghans who favored the US military intervention in the country in 2001. (…) In reality, many Afghans fear a Taliban vendetta, particularly those who have assisted the US military against the insurgents since 2001. Therefore, the pro-American political elite, and the Afghan security forces, chiefly the elite Special Forces, might pay the ultimate price. In addition, panic and fear about an eventual return of Taliban rule might provoke an unprecedented exodus from the country.

Only it doesn’t become clear whether he favours  or fears the “reset button” being hit.