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[Paktika:] Grim Figures for Maternal Mortality

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IWPR, 4 July 2018

There are no official figures available for maternal mortality in Paktika, but Waligul [the provincial director of public health for Paktika] estimated that between 80 and 90 babies died during delivery each month, with an annual total of around 1,000. (…) “We only have one female doctor to serve 250,000 women in this province,” he told IWPR.

(…)  “I spent the nine months of my pregnancy in the cow barns,” Madina said, explaining that she was tasked with looking after her father-in-law’s two goats and four cows.

Every day she had to cut grass for them, feed the animals, milk the cows and make yoghurt. Once a week she had to thoroughly clean the barns.

Two weeks ago, Madina continued, she began feeling pain, and her mother-in-law called an experienced village woman, Bakht Jamal, to her house to help her with the birth.

(…) Nadia, a 25-year-old originally from Kapisa province, moved to Paktika when she married a local man two years ago.

Having attended a two-month midwifery course in Kabul, she currently runs a medical centre in Yahyakhail bazar, 50km away from the centre Sharana.

Nadia said that she saw between 40 to 60 expectant mothers each month, charging 25 US dollars for each delivery.