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Berlin, 5 July 2017: Book presentation with AAN

Thomas Ruttig < 1 min

“A Society of Intervention: An essay about about conflicts in Afghanistan and other military interventions” – this is the title of a new book by Michael Daxner, Professor of Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin, former advisor to the Afghan Minister of Higher Education and prolific author on Afghanistan. It will be presented at the Berlin office of Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) on 5 July 2017.

Girls receive their exam certificates in Jaghori district, at a school supported by German NGO Freundeskreis Afghanistan (FKA). Photo: FKA 2011.

The book and its author will be presented by Thomas Ruttig, Co-Director, Afghanistan Analyst Network, Kabul/Berlin.

Time: 5 July 2017, 4-6pm

Venue: HBF Berlin, Schumannstr. 8, 10117 Berlin

The book is in English (with a German predecessor), but the presentation will be in German.

So, if in Berlin at that day and interested, please make a note.


Military interventions for humanitarian reasons have become a normality in international politics. They are designed to enforce peace, end or limit conflict – but often they lead to new conflict. Afghanistan is a case in point. Germany, in its role as a participant in this intervention, has taken political responsibility and practical liability vis-à-vis the intervened country. Therefore, it is of central importance to understand what happens to the intervened (Afghan) society, but also in our own society as a result of such an intervention.

Michael Daxner, in his essay, describes the situation of a society that has been subjected to and marked by such an intervention. Among other themes, he analyses why and how a new middle class has emerged in Afghanistan, not fully “authentically” Afghan anymore but also not fully an “import product” from the West, trends of urbanisiation and secularisation.

The event is a cooperation of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung with Freie Universität Berlin.

More information:
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