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30 Nov/1 Dec 2012, Bonn: Medica mondiale conference with AAN participation

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‘Hope for peace and fear for women’s rights in Afghanistan: Does violence against women endanger the peace process?’ is the title of a two-day conference, German women’s rights NGO Medica Mondiale is organising in cooperation with the Evangelic Academy in Bonn Bad Godesberg on 30 November 30 and 1 December 2012. AAN’s co-director Thomas Ruttig will give an introductory presentation on ‘The current situation in Afghanistan and the Peace Process’.

One year ago, the international community met with the Government of Afghanistan for another international conference in Bonn in order to debate Afghanistan’s future. But women, once again, play a marginal role in the attempts to get an Afghan peace process going, although the UN Security Council explicitly calls for their involvement in conflict resolution and mechanisms of the implementation of peace agreements.

According to the resolutions 1325 and 1820 of the UN Security Council the participation of women (in peace processes) contributes significantly to the promotion of international peace and security.

But how can Afghan women participate in the reconstruction of their country if they are being oppressed and deprived of their rights much wider, in many aspects of daily life? Is sustainable peace in Afghanistan even possible if women and girls experience systematic violence and continue to be excluded from negotiation tables? Despite 11 years of ongoing military intervention and billions of dollars of development aid, Afghan women and girls continue to live in an environment of violence. Women in Afghanistan generally experience high levels of everyday violence and a lack of rights within their families. Added

to this, there is increasing pressure on women who stand up for their rights.

At this Bonn conference, participants can debate these issues with Afghan and German experts: women’s rights aktivist Sajia Behgam, MP Fawzia Koofi and Zarghona Ahmadzai, a psychologist with Medica Mondiale Afghanistan; journalist and women’s rights activists Ute Scheub, Journalistin and Erik Kurzweil, deputy head of the German Foreign Office’s Afghanistan/Pakistan task force; and – last but not least – Dr. Monika Hauser, Medica’s founder and board member who has been awarded with the Rights Livelihood Award in 2008, as was Afghan AIHCR chairwoman Sima Samar this year.

Contact and registration (participation incl accommodation and meals: 70 Euro):

Thorgit Stephan

phone: : +49 (0)228 9523-205

email: [email protected]

The conference begins on 30 November, 2.30 pm.