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UN: Afghanistan Bribes Totaled Nearly $4 Billion

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Voice of America, 7 February 2013
Looking into the latest UNODC report on patterns of corruption in Afghanistan, the article quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the two sides of the phenomenon: the incentives coming from the West and the takers who are mainly Afghan: ‘There is so much money pouring in with insufficient oversight that this is definitely fueling large-scale corruption. On the other hand, it’s mainly Afghans, at least now as far as we know, who take the money, so they are as responsible for it as the people who give the money.’ Ruttig adds that, although there have been many public statements against corruption when it has been politically opportune, the international community has been willing to look the other way. ‘Some Western actors, and particularly the US, prioritize allies which can fight the Taliban, regardless of what they are doing in other fields, including corruption and also mistreating their own people’.