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The War with the Taliban

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New York Review of Books, 28 October 2010

In his review of Thomas Barfield’s Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History, Christopher Bellaigue twice quotes the AAN: One time, when talking about President Karzai’s government’s development of what Barfield calls a “patrimonial” model of government:

Corruption is now so bad, says Martine van Bijlert, a former Dutch diplomat and codirector of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an excellent source of information about Afghanistan, that ordinary Afghans regard the government as “morally and politically illegitimate.”

The second time is about ‘local politics’:

According to a recent report by the Afghanistan Analysts Network, last year in Baghlan province, police who had confiscated a truck owned by a Taliban commander were ordered by the Ministry of Interior to release the vehicle and its driver.