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Review of Afghanistan’s presidential runoff vote nearing end

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Stars and Stripes, 25 August 2014

Article quotes AAN’s Martine van Bijlert on what are supposed to be the final stages of Afghanistan’s electoral process:

‘The adjudication process that began Monday will likely generate new disputes. … The resulting three-day lag, plus the time needed to recount and then adjudicate the ballot boxes from the suspect polling places means the pace of the overall review effort will likely remain slow, said Martine van Bijlert, who has followed the process closely for the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

“Even if they manage to speed up the special audit like crazy, and they finish it in five days — which would mean a major, different way of working — then they would still have three days after that,” she said. “And that’s the ideal scenario — no disputes, no walkouts.”’


‘Efforts to agree on a unity government remain stuck on different interpretations of the new positions of opposition leader and chief executive. Although the two candidates have begun meeting to try to reach a resolution, they may not have reason to compromise until the audit picture becomes clearer, van Bijlert said.

“What I think complicates everything is both candidates trying to gauge how strong their position is,” she said.’