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Islamic State’s Khorasan Province, 2 Years on

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The Diplomat, 26 January 2017

AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted here in a longer part:

As Borhan Osman, of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, points out, “while ISKP’s influence on the battlefield seems to be waning — at least for now — its ideological potential does not seem to be in a concordant state of decline.”

Osman has conducted detailed studies of ISIS’s Afghanistan-focused propaganda. He finds that the quality, variety, and distribution network of ISIS output is outshining that of the Taliban, despite its much smaller size. Four main themes resonate throughout its radio broadcasts and written content: the duty of violent jihad, ISIS’s own legitimacy in fronting this cause, the transnationalism of its movement, and the discrediting of the “deviance” of its jihadi rivals.

Although concluding that ISIS’s ideology has little appeal for most Afghans, Osman identifies potential growth areas for the group, including among educated young people attracted to its apocalyptic vision; would-be jihadis impressed by the “purity” of its mission; and among foreign fighters, particularly those that see the Taliban as nationalistic.