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Donald Trump’s Afghanistan ‘mother of all bombs’ shows US President’s interventionist side, experts say

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ABC News (Australia), 20 April 2017

AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted on the “information blackout” after the US bomb on Achin, how this might help ISKP’s recruitment and how US President Trump might treat Afghanistan going forward:

Kate Clark, director of the independent Afghan Analysts’ network, said there had been an “information blackout” from Achin, the IS controlled part of Nangarhar province, for some time.

“Journalists haven’t been able to reach there because of the IS control and the threats to them, even local elders, they’d fled,” Ms Clark said. IS, she said, was capitalising on the official silence. 

IS, Daesh locally, have been bullish about the attack, they claim that they didn’t lose anyone. “It may be that this actually helps their recruitment.”


But analysts say President Trump’s recent moves indicate he appears less willing to abandon the fight. Ms Clark says reports of renewed Russian interest in Afghanistan will also likely factor into his decision. “The thing about Afghanistan is for well over a century, its main attraction has been for countries who don’t want someone else to control it,” she said.