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Delays, fights marred Afghanistan’s election recount

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Los Angeles Times, 28 August 2014

AAN’s Obaid Ali is quoted on the growing disillusionment surrounding Afghanistan’s electoral process:

For many Afghans, a government that makes space for both teams seems similar to what they’ve seen before. While both candidates have pledged to stamp out corruption, which has mushroomed during President Hamid Karzai’s 12-year administration, their teams are composed of many of the same power brokers whom Karzai had to appease in order to maintain stability.

“If you look at who is in both teams, including those who endorsed the candidates in the second round, they’re all familiar faces,” said Obaid Ali, an expert with the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a Kabul-based independent research organization.

“If these two do a bad job, if they make the situation worse, Karzai can come back and say: ‘See, I was the only one who could run this country properly,’” Ali said.