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Afghan presidential election 2014 – your questions answered

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Radio France International, 13 March 2014

Attuning to the Afghan elections, the French radio station answers the following questions: "Who's in with a chance of winning Afghanistan's 2014 presidential election? Will voters be safe? Will it be free and fair? Will it be over when it's over?" And uses AAN material for it:

"Armed strongmen – warlords and commanders – have, contrary to the 2001 Bonn agreement, been disarmed only superficially or not at all," writes Thomas Ruttig of the Afghan [sic] Analysts Network. "They sit in most key positions and dominate the parliament, the judiciary and the still-partly factionalised security forces as well as the country’s few functioning business sectors."

A further cause for concern is the potential number of phantom voters.

The scrapping of old voter-cards and new voter registration in 2012-13 has led to as many as 20.7 million voters being registered, out of a population of 27 million, half of whom are under voting age, according to Ruttig.


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