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Month: February 2017

„Schlächter von Kabul“ findet Frieden: UN heben Sanktionen gegen Warlord Hekmatjar auf

Thomas Ruttig

Tageszeitung, 5 February 2017 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig reporting the lifting of the sanctions against Hezb-e Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and human rights activists’ protest against this step (in German).

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This is Afghanistan, 15 years since the beginning of the US-led military intervention

Thomas Ruttig

East Online, 2 February 2017 A combined interview on the website of Italy-based geopolitical EastWest magazine – based on the same questions asked and answered by email – with Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, Ahmed Rashid, among the most important and well-known scholar of the Taliban movement, and Daoud Khattak, journalist of Radio […]

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The art of the deal in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

New York Times, 1 February 2017 Very good analysis and a couple of tough questions by Barnett Rubin on the complex issues that the new US administration will face when dealing with Afghanistan, for example: sending more troops and putting stronger pressure on Pakistan – “there is no base for believing that either of these measures […]

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Amid Kabul winter, Afghan war refugees shiver in frigid informal settlements


Washington Post and Stars and Stripes, 1 February 2017 Pamela Constable, reporting the dire situation of Afghan IDPs and the “major disappointment for returned Afghans […] the government’s failure to follow through on its promise to provide each family with a piece of land on which to build a new life”, she briefly quotes from […]

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Photo posted recently by Taleban social media activists showing, they said, fighters in Kunduz. Vehicle carries the movement’s flag and fighters appear all to be in camouflage, while one wears a headband. (2016)

Rallying Around the White Flag: Taleban embrace an assertive identity

Borhan Osman

The Taleban appear to have woken up to the importance of organisational symbols and their political meaning. Compared to how little they cared about their image during the 1990s and the initial years of the insurgency, the Taleban now project an increasing consciousness of their ‘brand’. This is seen in both their media and the […]

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