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Month: November 2013

Killing Mullahs and Wedding Guests, Banning Last Rites: the worsening Andar conflict

Emal Habib

Violence within Ghazni’s Andar district has become increasingly savage in recent months. The roadside bomb which killed 19 people, mostly women, as they drove to a wedding on 27 October rightly caught the world’s headlines. Beyond that though, Andar has seen an escalation in killings and threats and even bans on giving last rights and […]

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“As Easy As Growing Potatoes”: How formerly ‘poppy-free’ Ghor is at risk of becoming an important player in Afghanistan’s opium business

Obaid Ali

Ghor province has been considered poppy-free for a long time, but in the past two years opium production and drug trafficking have picked up sharply. With insecurity in the province on the rise, obstructing income sources and basic services, many of Ghor’s farmers migrated to neighbouring provinces like Helmand, helping in the local drug production […]

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Kremlin’s Blunder Backfires in Central Asia

AAN Team

Turkish Weekly, 1 November 2013 Ryskeldi Satke looks at the Afghan spill-over potential to Central Asia. He quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: “German expert Thomas Ruttig with the Afghanistan Analyst Network underscores the comments made by the Tajik opposition figure according to whom the threat of the Taliban marching over the borders to Central Asia is […]

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