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Month: February 2013

Afghan, Pakistani leaders eye peace deal in six months

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AFP, 5 February 2013 In a report about the British-Afghan-Pakistani summit in London where the sides have agreed that they would work to reach a peace deal within six months, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted as commenting that the timescale was ‘a bit optimistic’, although it was encouraging that both countries accepted the urgency of […]

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Ambiguous about Torture: Zero Dark Thirty, the Movie

Kate Clark

Oscar-winning film director, Kathryn Bigelow’s new film Zero Dark Thirty tells the story of the search for and eventual killing of Osama Bin Laden. The film has proved controversial – praised by some for its cool realism, it has also been castigated for inaccuracies. Above all, though, it has been accused of justifying torture. AAN […]

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Ulama conference aimed at outlawing suicide attacks: victim of a blame game (amended)

Borhan Osman

As the leaders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Britain meet in London today to discuss the peace process, AAN looks at an earlier plan to present a common Pakistan/Afghan face against the Taleban over the issue of suicide attacks. In November, Islamabad and Kabul announced they would be holding an ulama conference in January in which […]

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Taliban Peace Talks Flounder as Troops Draw Down


AP, 3 February 2013 Kathy Gannon’s analysis of where things stand: mistrust and ‘fragile egos’ among the key players US, Afghanistan and Pakistan, competing backdoor channels (Taleban members ‘in contact with representatives from 30 to 40 different countries’) and the latest addition to the list of preconditions: President Karzai wants the Taleban ‘to publicly announce […]

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Afghans Gird to Go It Alone As U.S. Shuts Down Bases


Wall Street Journal, 3 February 2013 Excellent report about the ups and downs for Afghan forces in Khaneshin district (Helmand) when Marines will withdraw in a month. With a worrying statement of the Marine commander: Afghan troops don’t have to be perfect; ‘we just want them to be a little bit better than the Taliban’.

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