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Month: August 2012

Parliament sacks key ministers: Two birds with one stone?

Fabrizio Foschini

The Afghan Lower House of the parliament, in an unprecedented move, voted out the two key ministers of Defence and Interior, in a single session. While it is early to make predictions on who will succeed them and whether they will be kept on as acting ministers for a while, it is worth having a […]

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Paint It Pink: The US redefining ANA success

Gary Owen

Twice a year, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) reports to the Congress and Senate committees on defense, appropriations, and foreign relations on the ‘progress’ of the conflict in Afghanistan. AAN guest blogger, Gary Owen, a former soldier who now is working as a civilian development worker(*) has been scrutinizing the reports, teasing out, […]

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The Networks of Kunduz: A History of Conflict and Their Actors, from 1992 to 2001

Nils Wormer

A new Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) report by author Nils Wörmer looks at networks of power in Kunduz province. Wörmer writes that when Germany’s political decision makers opted for Kunduz, in north-eastern Afghanistan, as the location for its future Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and soldiers and governmental development workers started to deploy in 2003, they […]

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Taleban Justice Dominant in Logar Province


IWPR, 2 August 2012 ‘Even public servants turn to alternative courts in the belief they are swifter and more honest than state judiciary’, the Afghanistan-based network reports

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The plight of Afghan refugees in Iran


1 August 2012 ‘Afghan refugees in Iran are increasingly facing an unbearable situation’, writes Afshin Shahi. ‘They are the most vulnerable group of people in the country and they face continuing degrading and discriminatory policies dictated by a state, which ironically preaches “Muslim solidarity”. […] Second generation Afghan refugees are treated as second-class citizens in […]

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Kabuli Youth in Ramazan Nights: A Passion for Futsal and More

S Reza Kazemi

Under the growing fog of war in Afghanistan – ISAF just reported an increase of violence by 11 per cent – the Afghan youth are struggling to live normally and gain visibility nationally, let alone internationally. During the current month of Ramazan, futsal (1) outdoors and indoors has become particularly popular among a significant part […]

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AAN In The Media – August 2012

AAN Team

Political analyst on Afghanistan killings ABC News, 31 August 2012 AAN analyst Fabrizio Foschini is featured in a long video interview regarding the ‘green on blue’ attack which cost the lives of three Australian soldiers in Uruzgan, and more broadly on the possible origin of these attacks and the concerns they create for the future […]

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Afghan Drug Trade Sends Tremors


Wall Street Journal, 1 August 2012 Security operation in Tajikistan targets former rebel commender, now turned border police chief, in an attempt to rearrange who controls the drug trade in the border region, and turns into a violent clash. Details are unclear as phone, road and internet access has been blocked. An Afghan district police […]

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