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Month: April 2012

Guest Blog: An Afghan Pulitzer Prize Winner

Martin Gerner

Afghan photojournalist Massoud Hossaini, who has worked for AFP news agency in Kabul since 2007, won the Pulitzer prize in the category of ‘Breaking News Photography’ earlier this week. Hossaini is the first ever Afghan to win the highly prestigious Pulitzer prize, sought after by top journalists worldwide. AAN guest blogger Martin Gerner, a media […]

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Farah (2): Empty Spaces Beyond the Road

Fabrizio Foschini

Part two of the report on the vast and far-off western province of Farah. AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini looks at the threat that insurgents pose to communication routes and at the successes and shortcomings of security arrangements in the districts, complicated by poppy crops, social divides and the lack of an effective government presence. If mass […]

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Meet the Pentagon Contractor That Ran a Disinformation Campaign Against Two USA Today Reporters


Gawker (blog), 20 April 2012 Although it is not clear whether all the details in the article are accurate, the case provides a fascinating taste of the murky world of ‘information operations’ and their unaccountable contractors.

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9 May 2012: Afghanistan: Deux mondes qui s’affrontent. Imaginaire ou réalité ?

AAN admin

In cooperation with the Libre Examen, AAN is organising a half day seminar in Brussels to explore the perceptions and realities of the international engagement and conflict in Afghanistan. From their different perspectives the speakers at the seminar have been asked to reflect on the current situation in Afghanistan – and especially on the meaning […]

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Farah (1): An island of secularism in the midst of troubled waters

Fabrizio Foschini

Farah is the fourth largest province in the country and yet a frequently forgotten expanse in the Afghan Far West. It is also a doggedly contested battleground of insurgents and government, as recently shown with a spat of attacks on supply convoys and security forces that inflicted heavy casualties between the end of March and […]

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‘Let Our People Live’: Herat Activists Call for End to War


Tolo News, 19 April 2012 The Kabul-based private TV station reports about a rare civil society-organised pro-peace demonstration in Herat, although not giving the number of participants.

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New approach needed to end Afghanistan’s insurgency


Global Post, 19 April 2012 Louise Arbour, president of the International Crisis Group and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, urges the UN to replace the US as the lead peace negotiator in Afghanistan: ‘The Security Council should adopt a resolution to appoint a team of negotiators and an individual to lead it as […]

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Guest blog: Working in Aid: donor rule, funding flows, and awkward ‘no’s

Sarah Han

Criticism of top-down development approaches find common cause in Afghanistan, where projects are often envisioned and implemented without due attention paid to realities on the ground. Here, AAN guest blogger SARAH HAN shares some of her personal experience of the oft-frustrating world of donor-NGO relations. Her paper ‘Legal Aid in Afghanistan: Context and Challenges,’ released […]

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Legal Aid in Afghanistan: Contexts, Challenges and the Future

Sarah Han

In this new briefing paper, lawyer and legal aid expert Sarah Han looks at the historical, legal and political context to the provision of legal aid and describes the efforts of the international community over the past five years to developing funding streams for the accused. The author commends the modest but significant improvements in […]

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A second Rabbani takes the helm at the High Peace Council

Gran Hewad

The competition for a successor to the late former president Burhanuddin Rabbani at the head of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) is over: Rabbani’s eldest son Salahuddin has been appointed by President Karzai. But is this appointment a real attempt to get a peace process on track, or is it instead, simply an alliance-building manoeuvre […]

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‘Spring Offensive’ and the War of Perceptions

Martine van Bijlert

It is not easy to strike the right balance when discussing yesterday’s attacks by the Taleban in Kabul and three provinces. The international media, particularly those without correspondents on the ground, have talked up the intensity and relevance of the attacks in eye-catching headlines, referring to them as a ‘Taleban offensive’, ‘attack on the diplomatic […]

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Journalist zweifelt an Fähigkeit afghanischer Sicherheitskräfte

AAN Team

Deutschlandradio Kultur, 16 April 2012 After a Taleban attack in Kabul, the German radio stations talks with an editor of Berlin-based daily Tagesspiegel who, again, refers to information the daily received from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German).

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