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پوسټونه ځړول شوي: Elections


Thematic Dossier IV: Afghanistan’s 2014 Presidential and Provincial Council Elections

AAN Team

This year’s ‘political transition’ is hugely important: if all goes well in the next few months, Afghanistan will see a new leader and a rare example in its history of a change of government not involving death, coup or conquest. If it goes badly, there will be consequences for the country’s stability. For many of those […]

د راپورونو ګڼه / دوسیه ها نور یی ولوله

A Lot to Worry About: Pakistan on the Eve of Elections

Ann Wilkens Guests

The election in Pakistan on 11 May 2013 is just around the corner – but it has not drawn much attention in international media. A new AAN Briefing Paper by Ann Wilkens, ‘A Lot to Worry About: Pakistan on the Eve of Its First Democratic Transition’, who is a member of AAN’s Advisory Board, looks […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله