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External publication (in German): Militarisierung der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (The Militarisation of Aid)

Thomas Ruttig < 1 دقیقې

Afghanistan Info (Neuchâtel), March 2014 (not online)

Den Boden bereiten für Entwicklungshilfe - deutscher CIMIC Soldat hilft beim Pflügen. Photo: U. Hempelman

Thomas Ruttig, “Militarisierung der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit: Der jüngste Afghanistan-Krieg als Auslöser eines Besorgnis erregenden Trend” (Militarisation of Development Cooperation: The recent Afghanistan war as trigger of a concerning trend), Afghanistan Info, Neuchâtel, no. 74 (March 2014), pp 8-9.

Issue no 74 of the publication of the Swiss Committee for the Support of the Afghan People contains an article in German by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig that deals with the militarisation of aid in Afghanistan. The article argues that the “militarisation of aid” is reflected in the “disproportionally high amount of military spending in Afghanistan, compared with spending for civilian purposes” and that this has led of a “subjugation” of aid and development spending under the logics of anti-terrorism and counter-insurgency efforts. The author warns that this might trigger similar developments in other conflict countries.

Other articles in this issue:

  • William Maley: Navigating 2014: The ambiguity of power
  • Hervé Nicolle anf Jonathan Rider: L’Afghanistan et ses ressources naturelles en 2014: Une transition vers l’économie réelle?
  • D. Suba Chandran: A Tale of Two Taliban
  • Liza Schuster: What happens to those Afghan migrants deported from Europe to Afghanistan?
  • Azita Bathaie: La transnationalisation des familles Afghanes en Europe et les changements des relations de parenté et de genre
  • Short book reviews

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