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Re-plugging: The final list of presidential and vice-presidential candidates

After some queries on social media and a check of several websites, including that of the Afghan Independent Election Commission,(1) there seems to be a lack of the complete final list of all tickets for the 5 April 2014 presidential election, particularly of the 11 contenders’ vice-presidential candidates. As a reference document, AAN’s co-director Thomas […]

Not a Promising Start: The vetting of the presidential and provincial council candidates

Buried in a pre-election assessment report by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) are concerns about the transparency with which presidential and provincial council candidates have been vetted. Peter Manikas, NDI’s Asia director, said at a press conference earlier this month that they were concerned that “a number of people who should have been eligible candidates […]

Pluralistic within Limits, but Not Democratic: Afghanistan’s political landscape before the 2014 elections

A look at the broad variety of (potential) presidential candidates seems to indicate some political pluralism. This is an illusion, however. Afghan analysts have recently argued that President Karzai’s political approach has hampered democratic party-based politics. This is only one side of the coin, argues AAN’s senior analyst Thomas Ruttig. He explains that the other […]

First Reactions Negative: The new Electoral Complaints Commission

The presidential palace has announced the names of the five members of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), the body which will deal with any complaints about the April 2014 presidential election. It will also, along with the Independent Election Commission (IEC), rule whether the ballot was free and fair. The commissioners are Abdul Sattar Sadat, Rida […]

On Your Marks! Alliances and actors before the 2014 presidential election

Yesterday, 16 September 2013, the three-week period for registering candidates for the April 2014 presidential election started. The field of contenders will only have become clear, though, by the last day, 6 October 2013. Alliance building and political manoeuvring is continuing, as the two major camps – the supporters of President Karzai and a new opposition alliance – […]