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Response to Questionnaire: India-Afghanistan relations

Thomas Ruttig, in: FPRC Journal (Foreign Policy Research Centre, New Delhi), No. 7/2011 Answers on questions from ‘Why  Afghanistan is important to India?’ to India’s position on talks with the Taleban. Full paper available below: Response  to  Questionnaire: India-Afghanistan relations

Is Afghanistan on the Brink of a New Civil War? Possible Scenarios and Influencing Factors in the Transition Process

Citha D. Maaß und Thomas Ruttig, SWP Briefing 2011/A 40, August 2011, 4 p. In July 2011, the transition of security responsibility to the Afghan government has begun. While NATO states accompany this process with calculated optimism, the authors write, four rather negative scenarios are looming: continuation of the rule of a ‚power oligarchy’ in […]

Talibanrörelsens uppkomst och drivkrafter: en bakgrund inför Bonn II-konferensen om Afghanistan i december 2011

Ann Wilkens, FOI (Stockholm), background paper FOI-R–3243–SE, August 2011 (in Swedish) From the summary: The aim to this study is to give an in depth description of those destructive forces, inside and outside of Afghanistan, that oppose the international intervention and contend its goals. Over the last few years, the Afghan Taliban have expanded their […]

Negotiations with the Taliban: History and Prospects for the Future

Thomas Ruttig, New America Foundation, 23 May 2011 This paper ‘Negotiations with the Taliban: History and Prospects for the Future’ authored for and published now by The New America Foundation provides a view – from a perspective before OBL’s death and reports that a direct US-Taleban link has been established with German assistance – at […]

The Battle for Afghanistan: Zabul and Uruzgan

Martine van Bijlert, New America Foundation, September/October 2010 The paper by AAN’s Martine van Bijlert is part of a NAF series on Conflict and Militancy. It explores and compares the origin and evolution of the Taleban networks in Uruzgan and Zabul. The study is based on several hundred interviews by the author over the course […]

Afghanistans Parlamentswahl 2010: Verpasste Wahlrechtsreformen und politische Manöver schwächen neues Parlament

Citha D. Maass and Thomas Ruttig: Afghanistan’s 2010 Parliamentary Vote – Missed Chances for Electoral Reform and Political Manoeuvring Weaken the New Parliament, SWP-Aktuell 2010/A 66, September 2010 An analysis (in German) of the situation before the 18 September Afghan parliamentary vote, of missed chances for election reform and a resulting weak judicial framework for […]

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