AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on „How safe is Afghanistan (for deportations)?“

Here are AAN co-director Thomas Ruttig’s next speaking appointments: four public events in four German cities (Mainz, Hamburg, Geesthacht near Hamburg, Berlin), all before the end of March, each time about the Afghan issue that dominates Germany’s domestic debate: whether the country is ‘safe’ enough that the German government (at the start of an election campaign […]

AAN at Public Seminar in Wiesbaden (Germany: 19 January 2017)

„Afghanistan: A country between world policy, ethnic conflict and religious radicalism“ (Ein Land im Spannungsfeld von (Welt-)politik, ethnischen Konflikten und religiösem Radikalismus) AAN’s Thomas Ruttig will be one of the presenters at this evening of lectures and discussion (in German), organised by Hesse State Centre for Political Education (HSCPE). Other participants: Ambassador Dr. Gunter Mulack […]

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at the Lower Saxony Refugees Council (3 December 2016)

“Afghanistan. Exodus. Perspectives?” Podium discussion (in German) with Bernd Mesovic (PRO ASYL), Thomas Ruttig (Co-Director of Afghanistan Analysts Networks) and young refugees from Afghanistan When: 3 December 2016, 11am Where: Office (Geschäftsstelle) of Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Refugees Council) Röpkestraße 12 30173 Hannover Google Maps On the agenda: the current situation and developments in Afghanistan; the treatment of […]

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Afghanistan’s Uncertain Future: Fragmented Realities and Geopolitical Fault Lines Afghanistan’s political landscape can be characterized as a patchwork of contending ethnic factions and ever-shifting alliances. The security situation in Afghanistan remains extremely fluid and the insurgency shows no signs of abating. Afghanistan finds itself in the midst of a modern version of the historical Great […]

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at the Afghanistan Week 2016 – Oslo, Norway

The Afghanistan Week 2016 is a cooperation between the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee, the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). With the aim to bring Afghanistan to the top of the Norwegian agenda, bringing Afghan and international experts to Norway to inform and debate. When: 20th to 25th September, 2016. Where: Oslo, […]

Incontro Nazionale Emergency – Genoa: July 2, 2016

The Italian medical NGO Emergency is having its 4-day national meeting in Genoa, and tomorrow, 2 July 2016, AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini will be on the panel focusing on the Afghan conflict, which has seen Emergency’s engagement with war victims since the late 1990s. The panel will start at 15.00 in the Magazzini del Cotone Auditorium […]

Podium discussion: “Afghanistan – safe country of origin?”

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and  Bernd Mesovic, CEO of Germany’s largest pro-refugee organisation Pro Asyl, are on a podium tonight in the German city of Göttingen, discussing whether Afghanistan – as suggested by parts of the German government – is a “safe country of origin.” The event is part of a series on causes of the latest […]

Discussion: The obligations and jurisdictions of the ICC and Government of Afghanistan at AKCU

Afghanistan Analysts Network in association with Afghanistan Center at Kabul University, and the Transitional Justice Coordination Group is organising a symposium to discuss “the obligations of the ICC and Government of Afghanistan pursuant to the provisions of the Rome Statute and the interactions between these two institutes in the last thirteen years”, with purpose of providing the correct and important […]

Security Jam – 2016 (April 25 – 28)

The Security Jam is a global brainstorming session on today’s security challenges. The Jam — spanning topics from development and human rights to security and defence — unfolds entirely in writing between April 25th and 28th. The Jam will feed into the EU’s thinking on a new Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy and into NATO’s […]

07 April 2016, University of Kent – Annual Conference: Conflict Termination to Conflict Recurrence, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Analysing Post-Conflict Societies

AAN’s co-director Dr Sari Kouvo will be one of the panelist for the discussion on “Who Is A Victim, Who Is A Perpetrator: transitional justice in post-conflict societies” at the The University of Kent: Brussels School of International Studies Annual International Conference. The panel will focus on the issue of how the construction of victim and perpetrator identities affect […]

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