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Wie ein afghanischer Aufständischer den Krieg am Hindukusch sieht

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 27 October 2017 In the Swiss daily, recent AAN guest contributor Franz J. Marty describes (in German) how he talked with a Taleban group commander in Nangrahar province who  – not a singular case, as Marty says – convinced him that the Taleban are not willing to negotiate. He also quotes AAN’s […]

Afghan Shiites under attack as IS seeks to stir up sectarian violence

AFP/Daily Mail, 27 October 2017 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted her on Afghans’ resilience against IS attacks on Shias: … observers such as Kate Clark, a senior analyst at the Afghanistan Analysts Network, believe Afghans will continue to resist IS efforts to spark sectarian violence. “In Afghanistan most areas have been through really nasty communal […]

How Taliban are evolving to compete in Afghanistan

Christian Science Monitor, 26 October 2017 In a report about an Afghan policeman in Logar pressure by the Taleban to qit his job, AAN’s Obaid Ali is extensively quoted about the changing character of the Taleban movement: “This new generation is of course different from the Taliban of the 1990s,” says Obaid Ali, an insurgency […]

Als wäre nichts gewesen: Nächster Abschiebeflug nach Afghanistan

Neues Deutschland, 25. Oktober 2017 Reporting the latest German deportation flight to Afghanistan, the author uses a quote from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (from his German blog Afghanistan Zhaghdablai) as his conclusion, saving that some of the deportees were from provinces even the German government considers unsafe and the the decision to deport was “to sell […]

Shiite Afghans worship at own risk

Albuquerque Journal/Los Angeles Times, 22 October 2017 Reporting the latest attacks on Shia mosques in Afghanistan, this article’s authors quote twice from recent AAN analysis: But since 2011, the annual Shiite religious festival of Ashura has been attacked almost every year, according to the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a Kabul-based research organization. (…) In a paper […]

Mer kunskap krävs om ensamkommande unga

Dagens Samhälle, 13 October 2017 The Swedish newspaper, in an extensive article on its website, quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the place of Hazaras in the current Afghan state and the character of still existent discrimination: Thomas Ruttig från den respekterade Afghanistanbaserade tankesmedjan Afghan Analyst Network [sic] menar till exempel att hazarerna har en stor […]

ISIS attacks Shiites, but Afghans resist push to make conflict religious

Christian Science Monitor, 5 October 2017 In this article about latest sectarian IS terror attacks in Afghanistan, AAN, from recent dispatches, and Obaid Ali are  quoted several times: Shiite mosques have been targeted at least seven times since mid-2016, with five such attacks this year, according to a tabulation by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN). Among other non-mosque […]

Afghanistan: Mehr Luftangriffe und mehr Soldaten für den Versöhnungsprozess

Telepolis, 5 October 2017 The German political blog quotes from Thomas Ruttig’s German blog Afghanistan Zhaghdablai and AAN’s guest dispatch by Franz J. Marty, about the Afghan special forces, in an article about the new US strategy for Afghanistan, summarised, ironically, as “more air strikes and more soldiers for the reconciliation process.”

Afghan Gov’t Hastily Moves to Arm Shiite Civilians, Prompting Concerns

The Globe Post, 30 September 2017 The website compiled quotes from experts and politicians about the recent anti-Shia sectarian terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, among them from Thomas Ruttig’s recent AAN dispatch: Thomas Ruttig, co-director and co-founder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, said that by approving the Shia community’s demand for arms, the government is simply […]

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