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AAN In The Media – April 2012

Atta Muhammad Noor, Afghan Governor, Criticizes U.S. Exit Plan Huffington Post, 30 April 2012 In a blog by Joshua Hersh, there is an extensive quote of AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini about politicking in northern Afghanistan: ‘Analysts say that Noor may have other constituencies in mind as well. Fabrizio Foschini, a researcher with the Kabul-based Afghan Analysts […]

AAN In The Media – March 2012

Ratlos am Hindukusch Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik, April 2012 In this op-ed for the Berlin-based monthly, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig comments on the recent events in Afghanistan like the Panjwai massacre and the Quran burnings, the failure of Western policy that allowed the military to take over core decisions on Afghanistan and the dilemma […]

Wie geht es 2013 in Afghanistan weiter? (Audio)

Radio Eins (Germany), 2 January 2013 In an interview with this German radio station, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks ahead on Afghanistan’s developments in 2013, arguing that it is a crucial year on the political front, with candidates’ registration in September for next years election when President Karzai cannot run again and is trying to secure […]

AAN In the Media – January 2012

Trickreiches Tauziehen um die Taliban tageszeitung (Berlin), 31 January 2012 In this article of his, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at the latest developments in attempts for a political solution with the Taleban: the US-Afghan irritations about the Qatar office, attempts for a US-Taleban prisoner exchange and President Karzai’s attempt to create his own Taleban channel […]

Deutscher Afghanistan-Einsatz: Zehn vertane Jahre

Der Spiegel, 22. December 2011 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted here in an analysis of ten years German participation in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan: Als einen der größten Erfolge zählt Afghanistan-Experte Thomas Ruttig die Friedenskonferenz auf dem Petersberg bei Bonn Ende November 2001 auf. Sie bot den Menschen in Afghanistan Hoffnung auf eine friedliche Zukunft, sagt […]

AAN In the Media – December 2011

Over 560 ISAF troops die in Afghan war in 2011 AFP, 31 December 2011 Article on violence in Afghanistan ends by quoting AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini: “The hope is that as foreign troops hand security to Afghan forces fewer local people will become radicalised. And the insurgents won’t kill as many civilians collaterally by using highly […]

AAN In The Media – November 2011

Vier Optionen – alle negativ Mannheimer Morgen, 30 November 2011 The German local newspaper, in an article describing Afghanistan’s situation before the Bonn 2 conference, summarises the four post-2014 options laid out in a joint paper earlier this year by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and the SWP’s Citha Maaß. Pakistan boykottiert Bonn Neues Deutschland, 30 November […]

AAN In The Media – October 2011

Deadly Taliban Kabul attack highlights US reliance on private contractors Christian Science Monitor, 30 October 2011 After it transpired that there was a number of contractors among the victims of the 29 October suicide attack in Kabul, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig comments on the role of such contactors: ‘Information about this aspect of the war only […]

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