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Falsche Erfolgsmeldungen aus Afghanistan

Zeit online (Hamburg), 19 December 2012 In an article on the recent trip of German President Joachim Gauck to Afghanistan, during which he re-started the rather bizarre discussion about whether there is a ‘war’ in Afghanistan (he called it a ‘war-like situation’), the author – a security blogger – lists some ‘wrong success stories’ by […]

Wer hat am Hindukusch noch den Überblick? (not online)

Basler Zeitung (Switzerland), 9 December 2012 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted here: «Es gibt bereits so viele lokale Milizen neben der Polizei, das kaum noch jemand den Überblick behalten kann.» Mohammed Atta etwa, der Gouverneur in der Stadt Mazar-i-Sharif, die gleichzeitig als Hauptquartier der deutschen Bundes- wehr dient, hält schon lange Distanz zu Kabul. «Das […]

Afghanistans weiblicher Rushdie

Neues Deutschland (Berlin), 7 December 2012 A portrait of Right Livelihoods Award (the ‘alternative Nobel’) price winner Sima Samar by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German, subscribers only)

Irgendwo zwischen Chaos und Patronage (not online)

Kölner Stadtanzeiger, 7 December 2012 Willi Germund, who has occasionally been an AAN author, reviews scenarios for post-2014 Afghanistan. He quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig with concerns about the ‘hugh number of militia units, besides the police’ and with his assessment that ‘the most rosy scenario imaginable’ would be ‘a patronage system in which different faction […]

Angst vor eigener Polizei

Junge Welt, 6 December 2012 The Berlin daily reports from a conference organised by medica mondiale and quotes from Thomas Ruttig’s presentation there.

Ängste vor dem Abzug

Tageszeitung (Berlin), 29 November 2012 In the context of the German parliament’s debate about an extension of the Bundeswehr mandate for ISAF Afghanistan, Thomas Ruttig’s writes about post-2014 perspectives, with a focus on the 2014 election, the succession debate in Afghanistan and the discussion about whether there should be foreign, UN-mandated members of the Election […]

‘Es ist ja kein vollständiger Abzug’

Deutschlandfunk .de, 29 November 2012 Transcript of a full radio interview (in German) with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, discussing post-2014 scenarios and the role the international community needs to play for stabilisation. The radio station chose ‘It is not a full withdrawal’ (in 2014) as the headline, indicating that not only many in the public but […]

‘Der Abzug kommt zu früh und zu spät’

ARD tagesschau.de, 28 November 2012 Full interview (in German) with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: ‘I believe that it is in the interest of the governments who have sent troops into ISAF to present the situation in Afghanistan as more stable than it really is. Otherwise, the decision to withdraw the larger part of combat troops by […]

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