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Unterschriften gegen sexuelle Gewalt

Tageszeitung (Berlin), 8 January 2013 In a short article, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig reports a gang rape case from Ghazni province and the protest campaign of Afghan civil society organisations for a better implementation of the Law for the Elimination of Violence against Women, also quoting AAN’s Wazhma Samandary’s AAN blog on the subject.

‘Zivilisten geraten zwischen die Fronten’

ARTE online, 8 January 2013 The French-German TV channel’s website publishes an interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German) about the humanitarian outcome of the Afghan war. He mentions the lack of a sufficient response by governments to the UN calls for winter relief, the problems of civilians between the frontlines and of the population […]

As Karzai Visits U.S., What Are The Prospects For Afghan Peace?

PBS/WLRN Miami, 7 January 2013 In a report about the forthcoming US visit of President Karzai, prospects for peace talks are discussed and AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted as saying: ‘I think peace is possible here.’ She says that one of the main challenges is that there are so many players — the U.S., the […]

Ashraf Ghani: Afghan national identity at risk

Examiner.com, 4 January 2013 ‘According to the Afghanistan Analysts Network’s Thomas Rutting, claims of the Taliban “softening” its posture represent “wishful thinking” by Western leaders who are in “mission liquidation” mode and tend to frame minor developments as major breakthroughs. … Rutting also underlined the fact that the process still requires a broader representation of […]

Local police an uncertain player in Afghan future

AFP, 31 December 2012 ‘The Afghan Local Police, branded by some critics as an incompetent Taliban-linked militia, is one of the many security challenges facing the country as international troops withdraw’ writes the news agency and quotes AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini as saying: ‘Reducing insecurity in the short-term has positive aspects but it is laying the […]

Afghanistan vor dem Abzug der ISAF-Truppen

ARD/Tagesschau.de, 31 December 2012 In an article discussing the viability of the Afghan security forces (in German), AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini is quotes as saying: “On paper, the army might have a good standard. Every Afghans supports it, even the Taleban; they want to have the command over it, naturally. But the quality of the recruits […]

Pessimism för Afghanistan överdriven (Pessimism over Afghanistan Exaggerated)

Svenska Dagbladet, 28 December 2012 – Det är rätt att väcka frågan och det finns anledning till oro, men att det går så illa är inte alls givet. Att regeringen kollapsar är ett av flera tänkbara scenarier, säger Martine van Bijlert vid Afghanistan Analysts Network till TT. Mycket har förändrats i Afghanistan som inte är […]

Afghanistan Taliban appears to be softening stance

Los Angeles Times, 27 December 2012 In this article taking stock of the Chantilly talks that included Taleban representatives, AAN’s Gran Hewad is quoted as saying: ‘It’s clear that the Taliban is not as popular as they were … or as strong […]. This is an opportunity. They are signaling that they are willing to […]

Die Warlords als Oligarchen

German Foreign Policy (blog), 21 December 2012 The blog summarises Thomas Ruttig’s contribution ‘Das Scheitern der Luftlande-Demokratie in Afghanistan’ to a German publication.

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